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Preview: Faces In My Mind

Preview: Faces In My Mind



Chapter 1


Glimpses, all I see at times are glimpses outside this force holding me. Is what I see real? I am not certain as it is nothing like the other things I am shown daily. How will I know? Do others see the same things I do? If not, then is what they see real?

This all began when I was eight years old and in the third grade. I attended Wasatch School in Salt Lake City, Utah. Life was good even though it was a bit trying. Not sure, but perhaps all boys if they are different from the group, are tested, some broken, others like I were fighters, we resisted in a direct manner. By direct I mean when challenged I did not hesitate to throw a fast left hook to the kid or kid’s nose. I liked to hit them in the nose because it caused rapid blood flow, along with much screaming from the throngs of kids gathered around. To some blood flowing down the face is the scariest thing imaginable. Not to me, the scariest thing was to have four kids on top of me hitting me with my hands held down. To prevent that I kept punching until all ran off screaming threats; “My brother will beat the shit out of you”.

It was funny, during the school day, and at recess, we were all good friends, playing kickball, having fun, it was only after school, all the kids were lining up to get on the bus that would take them home. At that time you had all the grades congregated at one spot, the pickup place. Show off time.

The last time I was challenged, a fifth-grader came up to me at the bus stop saying; “You are scum, you will be my servant in heaven.”

I asked, “where is heaven?” He did not know how to answer, so instead;he yelled, “I will show you hell.”

He was so much taller than I. There was no way I could punch his nose before he dropped me. We were standing next to the water fountain. This is a massive fountain, a round concrete base with about 24 drinking spouts so many kids could drink at once. The base of the fountain was about 2 feet high. I jumped up on the fountain with water flowing all over me, but I was now taller than him and had a straight shot to his nose. One punch is all it took, he ran off bleeding like a stuck pig, all around were screaming, I ran and jumped on my bus. Salvation!  Never again did any of those Mormon boys pick on me, the girls were quite friendly even wanting to sit by me on the bus ride home.

My father did not approve of Television, the only thing he wasted time on, his words, was listening to the 6 pm news on the radio, no TV in our house. I did not care, I would rather read a good book anyway. All of the neighborhood boys after our chores were complete, played games or sports until dark, then home to dinner and rest. My rest was spent reading. Most books only took me an hour or two at the most, unless they were long wordy books like Moby Dick. Mom loved to purchase books as long as they were bound in dark blue or black hardcovers with gold embossed letters. I never saw her read one; she just liked to show them off. I relished those books mom called the classics, I thought because they had gold embossed covers they must be classic.

Third grade was coming to a close, it was May, with only 5 weeks left. Mom had promised me I could transfer to a private Christian school next year. She said they have a grand library. I had read every book in the small library at Wasatch, so did not look forward to another year. My teacher told the class, next Monday will be fun. The district is giving IQ tests to the entire district. I know my students will excel. I did not care or even understand what an IQ test was, however, all these tests are kind of silly. Once you understand they always ask the same nonsense, names, dates, places, if you read any text it is obvious what the questions on any test will be.

Test day, the teacher made an elaborate presentation on how this will work. Everyone will begin at 9:00 am, there will be no recess today, you must complete the test by 1:00 pm, then you will be excused to the lunchroom until the bell rings. Shucks. I will miss recess, the only fun time of the day. She would not allow us to turn over the test papers until the clock was at 9:00 am, then she said, GO. I turned my paper over and thought heck, this is so simple, it is all multiple choice. You don’t have to know the correct answer, only the incorrect ones. There were only 400 questions, I blazed through those, and by 11:12 am raised my hand saying; “Teacher, I finished, may I be excused?”

“Are you certain Robert, you have another two hours, why not recheck your work?” Ms. Barnes asked.

“No thanks,I would rather have lunch,” I said.

Destiny, or is it action-reaction, or perhaps cause and effect. I am not certain, I only know that day set in motion forces that would control my reality for the next several years.

The following week was one of the best I had at Wasatch school, no one picked on me, all the kids wanted me on their team at recess, my business flourished. Yes, to me it was a business using the gifts I have, one of which I can run fast. There is a small market about a block away from the school, when the bell rang for recess, I ran as fast as I could to be the first one. I was always first. The store only had a small amount of the Double Bubble chewing gum all the kids loved, plus each piece was wrapped in a comic. We saved and traded those masterpieces. Each piece cost 2 cents, I had my $1.00 lunch money so I bought up the entire box of 50 pieces. I ran back to school with the treasure, kids lined up to buy my Double Bubble for 5 cents each. See how business works, supply and demand. I had the supply, and the kids demanded it.

The principal at Wasatch was Ms. Hendricks, the kids all called her Olive Oil, because she looked like the cartoon character in Popeye, tall, skinny and homely. She loved to interrupt classes with her announcements. Wasatch has an intercom system, all the classes have these huge speakers mounted on the wall. It seemed like every day Ms. Hendricks would say: Attention, attention, please! Today’s announcements are, then on and on, none ever paid any attention to what she said, until today. Children, I am proud to announce that Wasatch placed third in all the schools in the city on the IQ tests, excellent work. Now, for the special announcement; one of our students scored the highest score in the history of Salt Lake City Schools. We are honored. She never named the student, but it was not necessary for me, I knew it was me.

Thursday morning as I got off the bus, Ms. Hendricks was standing there waiting with two other adults, one man, and one woman. Good morning Robert, these people are from our Board of Education, we have received permission from your mother to have you go with these people to the board offices, they wish to take some additional tests, they will take you home when finished. With that, they led me to a waiting car, and off we went, not a word was spoken. I doubt anyone can understand my anguish, here I am  8 years old, being put in a car with three strangers, taking me to a strange place, and none saying a word to comfort me. They must know-how concerning this is, why do they not ask how I feel? Can we get you anything? Just silence. I looked at the big clock on the wall as we entered this building with its maze of corridors. It was 8:27 am. I am starting to get pissed, but what can I do?

I was led down the long corridor, more like herded. I have one of the strangers in front of me, one at my side, and the other behind. Three dogs for one sheep, we will see soon who the sheep is. We entered a room, this was a very long room, with tables in the center in front of a row of offices. I counted four glass doors, out of one of those doors came a woman, I am not certain it is a woman, but something with glasses the lenses are like enormous magnifying glasses. I am Dr. Morse, she said.

“What kind of Doctor are you? I am not ill, why do I need a doctor,” I said.

“No, Robert, we know you are not ill, I am a PhD, not an MD,” she said.

“So Dr. PhD what do you want with me?” I asked.

“We are here to determine if the results of your test are correct, or if it was some error,” she replied.

“Error, how could there be an error? I check a box, you read the answers, and if my checks are correct, how is any error possible?” I asked.

“That is what we are here to determine, please just cooperate, and let us finish this procedure,” she said

For the next two hours, I watched the clock. This Dr. PhD brought out every childish puzzle game, directing me to put blocks of shapes into the proper slots, each puzzle she recorded the time it took me to finish. Finally, I have had enough.

“Dr. PhD let’s make this more fun, you have my time for each of these kids’ games, now let me time you,” I told her.

That response was not what she wanted, she walked away muttering something I could not understand. I sat alone at the table for almost 16 minutes, I kept my eye on the clock. It is recess time, I am usually on my way to the store to buy Double Bubble, the kids will starve without me. I need to get the heck out of here, these PhD’s are nuts, and homely as sin. I still do not know what PhD means, but it is nothing I want to be around. Just then out of one of those doors a man came to me saying;” Hello Robert, I am Dr. Sobel,” he said.

“What kind of doctor are you?” I asked.

“A Psychologist,” he proudly exclaimed. “I have my PhD in Clinical Psychology.”

“Great, does that have anything to do with food, I am rather hungry now,” I replied.

“No, Robert, but let us finish up, it should not take more than an hour, we can get you home for lunch,” he said.

“To begin Robert, I want you to relax, this is not a test, there are no right or wrong answers, I just want your impressions,“ he said. “I am going to show you a deck of cards, these cards have only images, no numbers or suits, I want you to view each card and tell me what you see. Is that clear?” He asked.

“It will be after you show me the cards, otherwise I am in the dark here,” I said.

“Right, here is the first. Tell me what you see,” he said.

“A blot, kind of like an inkblot,” I said.

“Yes, Robert it is an inkblot, but what do you see inside that blot?” he asked excitedly.

“A mess, but let me ask you what it is you want me to see?” I asked.

“I am the one giving the tests, you are to give me answers, and that is not an answer,” he said.

“Is this an answer? I don’t care about this nonsense, I want to go home, it is past my lunchtime. If you or that other PhD wants to play, play with each other, I am leaving. Are you taking me home or do I need to call my dad?” I asked.

Within 15 minutes I was in a car on the way home.





Free at last, the school year is finished, I have three months to do as I please, after finishing all my chores of course. My chores are no small thing but involve a heck of a lot of work. Our house and yard are twice as large as my neighbors. Most of the other houses are on one lot, my parents own the lot behind us, so we have no other house behind as do the neighbors. Our house goes from one street to the street behind. What we have are trees, lots of fruit trees. Mom grows all our fruits. We have 20 apple trees, 10 apricots, 8 peaches, 8 cherries, and 6 plum trees. I know because it is my chore to prune each tree. We have a large lawn on one side of the driveway, another in front of the house, and another in the rear. My chore is to mow those lawns, dig out any weeds, then rake the leaves. Mom has a large vegetable and flower garden next to the barn, yes we also have a horse, fortunately, I do not have to take care of the gardens or the horse, my sister Gloria does that.

Sunday night I went to bed early. It was 8:00 pm when I took the book my neighbor’s mom gave me, she knows I love to read, it was Grapes of Wrath, by John Steinbeck. I finished the book a little after 11:00 pm wondering, where is this America? I have never seen the images portrayed on those pages, is this real or is it just a story. It cannot be just a story as all stories must be based upon something real or nobody could feel or share the emotions shown. I have only lived in Salt Lake, and only in the East side near the foothills leading into Parley’s Canyon very near the Salt Lake City Country Club, so my understanding of this vast United States is limited, even my view of Salt Lake City is. Reading is what expands my views and desires. I can in my rooms travel the world, I have no limits.

I heard mom call down to me at  8:30 am Monday morning, this is the latest I remember sleeping. She called to come upstairs Robert, we have company. I have my own house almost, this is our basement, but has 2 bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen, bathroom, and the furnace room. It was built before my older brother married and left, now it is all mine, and I love it. I have my own entry, my own kitchen. My friends love to come to my house, they feel private, we can say and do things we never could if the parents were around. After washing up I went up the stairs. They lead to our rear porch, there is an entry to the main house, I can see Mom sitting at the breakfast table with a man, They are having coffee and laughing together. I walked in, Mom said; good morning Robert this is Mr. Sorenson.

“Hello, what is for breakfast mom?”

“Sit down Robert, I will bring your oats and toast, Mr. Sorenson came a long way just to see you, it is so exciting,” she said.

“Robert, your mother tells me your church has a summer camp for the children that begins in two weeks, she tells me you look forward to that every year, is it fun?” he asked.

“Very, we have horseback riding, swimming in the lake, exploring old mines, looking for gold, and great picnics,” I replied.

“Sounds delightful, perhaps I can offer you a week of excitement before that camp begins. We are holding a camp for gifted children where they will be able to explore new science, new technology, and see things no others have seen. All this plus a great baseball field, swimming pool, and television studio. We would very much like it if you would attend,” he said.

“Where is this camp and do my parents have to pay anything?” I asked.

“No, all your expenses are provided, the meals you will enjoy, we have great cooks. The camp is close by only about 40 miles, but you will be transported there and back. I have gone over all the details with your mother, she is very excited for you,” he said.

“Yes, Robert this is a camp run by the US Government, very important people. You will have the chance to meet some brilliant minds like yours. I just know it will be a blessing to you, and to me,” mom said. “Come let me help you pack, you are leaving with this nice man as soon as you are ready.”


I read in the bible, that God gave man free choice, but he did not give that to children, we must follow our parents’ demands. In my mind, I did not want to go. He seems like another PhD Doctor that wants to climb inside my mind. Less than one hour later I am in the car with this stranger, going to some unknown location for what? I knew what he said was not true, at least not all of it. I can see things in people when they talk, I can see by their faces if what they are saying is true. I never say anything, what can an 8-year-old say to these adults, they want you to sit there, listen to them, and be still. The more this man talks the more worried I become, something is very wrong here, and I want out. How can I get out, I don’t know where I am? Finally, he stops at what looks like some kind of prison. There are armed guards at a gate making all people answer questions. The entire place is surrounded by a high fence, once inside it can be a prison if they chose.

“Where are we Mr. Sorenson?” I finally asked

“Hill Air Force Base, here the camp has access to all the world, just wait, you are in for a treat that most children only dream of,” he said.

Once inside the gates, we drove away from the large buildings to one side almost to the foothills. There he stopped at a small building, I only saw two cars in the parking lot. He parked, picked up my bag, took me by the arm saying, treat time. Yours or mine I thought. Inside the building was only a single desk, the man sitting wove us ahead. We went to an elevator, the door opened, Robert hang on. He pushed some buttons and the elevator started to move, there were no markers or lights, just motion. My stomach feels queasy like I have to throw up, there is no fresh air in here. The elevator bumped to a stop, the door opened and fresh air blew in my face making my stomach feel better and lifting my spirits. We are in a very strange room. The walls are all glass panels with some giant machines inside the glass, suddenly a woman appeared wearing a white pair of coveralls and a white hat with her hair all tucked inside. This is Dr. Lee,  she is the counselor for the camp, she will show you your room, and get you acclimated.

“Come with me, Robert, what would you like to see first?” she asked.

“Where are the other kids?” I asked.

“Coming soon, I see you like sports, would you care to see our baseball field?”

“Yes, how can there be a ball field down here?” I asked.

She led me to a door, opened the door, and turned on a switch. Wow, it looks like a major league ballpark, complete with lush green grass in the outfield, red clay in the infield, and more grass around the pitcher’s mound. “Is this where we can play?” I asked excitedly.

“Yes, it will be fun for you, come let me show you the swimming pool,” as she led me to another door on the other side, she opened the door, turned on a switch, and again right before me was the most beautiful pool I have ever seen. Lounge chairs lined the decks. “It is now our tea time, then lunch, after which you may rest or read, I had many books sent to your room, do you like tea?” she asked.

“Dr. Lee, what kind of doctor are you?” I asked.

“I hold a PhD in Advanced Communications, why do you ask?”

“Why am I  here?” I asked.

“Were you not told? To help us see things we cannot,” she said.

“Are you Chinese?” I asked

“My parents came from China, I was born in San Francisco,” she replied. “Finish your tea, we have soup and a sandwich coming.”

After lunch, Dr. Lee said; you have two hours before the others arrive, rest in your room, read if you like, but do not leave the room unless I come for you. We have many machines here that can be harmful. I cannot have anything happen to you.

This huge area, and it looks like only the two of us are here, this is very strange, now I am being told I cannot leave my room. Nothing I can do, I have no family or friends here, why did mom make me come? I lay in my room trying to sleep, but could not, my mind was in turmoil. I tried to read, they even had one of my favorite writers, Zane Grey,  all of his glorious books. I love the adventure, the freedom to roam the plains, with no one to boss you around. My mind could not concentrate it was tormented. What is this place? There are no clocks here, I have no idea of the time, since we are below ground there is no sun, no moon, all is artificial.

The door opened, two shapes appeared inside, I was certain one is Dr Lee, the other I do not know. I heard him, the other shape say, is he ready? Dr. Lee then took a small light, shining it into my pupils, and said he is. I could hear them speak, but not feel as I was laid on some table then wheeled out of my room down the corridor to another room. Once inside I heard a voice say; welcome Robert, our connection is here. Sit him up, I want our maestro comfortable.

“Bobby, do you mind if I call you that? I find nicknames more friendly, you may call me Sam, is that OK?” he asked.

Without waiting for an answer, I was picked up and placed on a large leather sofa chair, given a soda to drink, then suddenly the wall came alive. I never watch TV, and certainly, never see a wall-size view of things beyond my imagination.

“Robbie, this is Niels Yorganson, his entire life. I would like it if you will absorb all in this video, make it personal until you are his friend. Is this not fun?” he asked.

“Is this real?” I asked.

“More real than anything else you will see, let me know when you and he connect,” Sam said.

Days, time, what is it? When you are underground, with no clock, no sun, no moon, how do you know? You only know what they say. I know they lie. I count the days by the breakfasts, each breakfast must be another day, but is it? The next four breakfasts were the same. I was taken back to my room, showered, used the toilet, then taken back to the viewing room. That is what Dr. Lee called it every morning when she came in bringing my tea. The tea cleans your mind, she would always say. Today I could see Niels, not on the screen but in my mind. I was speaking to him when he turned around asking? ”who are you”

Sam heard me talk, “he asked me where is Niels now?”

“Copenhagen, he lives at Odensgarge 2100,” I said.

“Wonderful, Bobbie. Dr. Lee, please take Bobbie back, let him meet some friends,” Sam said

“Dr. Lee, when do I go home? I was told this was only for one week, I know it has been more than that now. How can I call my mom?” I asked.

“Soon, Bobbie, drink your tea, I want you to meet someone, “she said.

We were sitting in the lunchroom, having tea, my lord I am sick of this tea, when can I have some orange juice I thought. Just then a boy came in, he is about my age, he came right over by the table and said:

“Hi Bobbie, my name is Claude, nice to meet you,”  I was about to stand up and shake his hand.

Dr. Lee said; “We don’t do that here, just tell him hi, and that you would like to play. This camp takes extreme caution not to contaminate any of our guests, that is why all of us wear gloves, so we discourage hand-to-hand contact, here we like to use the mind to communicate, understand?”   “I am going to bring you both a snack, talk, and get acquainted, I will be right back.”

“So Bobbie, where are you from?” Claude asked

“Salt Lake, and you?” I asked.

“Toledo, how long are you here for?” Claude asked.

“It was supposed to be one week, but it has been more than that. I am not sure because they never tell me the day. What about you, how long have you been here?” I asked.

“About 5 days. I have had so much fun, not sure when I will go home. I love my baseball team,” Claude said.

“You have a baseball team, I have never seen another kid, when do you play?” I asked.

“Every morning after breakfast, why don’t you come, you can be on my team,” Claude said.

“They make me go to a viewing room every day. I will ask if I can come and play with you guys, how many other kids are here? I asked.

“We have eight on each team, sure be nice to have you and one more,” Claude said.

“Well, I see you boys are getting along, Claude, your friends want you to go to the pool with them, you can play with Bobbie later,” Dr. Lee said.

“Hello Mrs. Miner, this is Pastor Barnes, may I ask where is Robert? We expected him at camp this past Monday, my daughters are fond of him, they are concerned. Is everything alright with Robert?”

“Oh Pastor, no everything is not alright, we are frantic, is it possible that you can come to the house after 4:30 pm, my husband will be here then, he has the whole city involved.” Carol Miner said.

“I will be there, is there more to this?” Pastor asked.

“We don’t know, one of our neighbors is with the Police Dept. He will be here, thank you for your concern Pastor.”

Why, why did I let Robert go with that man? He seemed so genuine and sincere. Now we cannot locate him, the phone number he gave me on his business card is not a working number. Frank has called the agency listed on the card and it does not exist. Frank, Robert’s father, is a fireman. He has been with the Salt Lake City Fire Department for 16 years, he is Chief Engineer, and is good friends with the Chief, all in the department have said they will help. Here is Frank now, I see he has another man with him.

“Carol, this is Captain Saunders, his son Anthony is good friends with Robert, he will help us,” Frank said.

“Hello Mrs. Miner, sorry for this mess, we will clean it up. Robert will be home soon, very soon,” Captain Saunders said.

“Thank you, here is Pastor Barnes, he wants to help, let me fix some coffee. We can all talk in the dining room, please take a chair,” Carol said.

“Pastor, thank you for coming, Frank is here with Captain Saunders of the Police Dept. You know Frank, this is Captain Saunders, Pastor Barnes. Please sit, I will bring coffee.”

“Carol, is it alright to use first names, they seem to make conversation easier? You can call me Tony, the family does. Carol, you were the one who met this Mr. Sorenson, that was when exactly?”

“Monday morning June 18th, that was the first Monday after school was out.”

“How did you meet, did he call you first or just show up?” Tony asked.

“I received a call from the Board of Education the Friday before. They wanted to say how proud they were of Robert. The City has never had a student achieve what Robert did. You must be very proud, they said. The school, Wasatch, had called me a couple of weeks before asking my permission to have the board give some additional tests to Robert. I saw nothing wrong with that and gave my permission. I assumed this call was in reference to those tests. Then before hanging up, he said that the US Government has a very special camp for gifted children and that Robert would be invited. I was told this would be of great benefit to Robert, and to our Nation, so be very proud of him Mrs. Miner,” he said.

“Who was the person who called you from the Board?” Tony asked.

“I have tried to remember, I am not sure he gave a name, just Doctor something is what he said, I don’t recall. On Monday when Mr. Sorenson called, I rather expected it. He said he was close by and asked if he could come over. I said yes, you are most welcome,” I said.

“We sat in the breakfast room, had coffee and cake, he was most engaging, he painted a mental image of the great things Robert would do and see, it was almost like a movie. It sounded so great, such a wonderful opportunity for Robert, I wanted him to have this chance. It was only to be for the week, Robert would be back in plenty of time to attend Pastor Barnes summer camp. Robert loves to go there each summer,” Carol said.`

“Carol, may I ask what it is that Robert did that involved the Board of Education?” Pastor Barnes asked.

“The board gave IQ tests to the entire district, that was several weeks ago. When the school called asking my permission for Robert to take some other test, they told me that Robert had scored the highest that any student in the State ever had. It was a great honor,” she said.

“Who was it from Wasatch who called you?” Tony asked.

“The Principle, Ms. Hendricks,” I said.

“Frank, this stinks, I smell a Government operation here. I will assign a detective to interview Principal Hendricks and another to the Board of Education, this came from one of those sources, no others knew anything about it or Robert. Pastor, will you tell your congregation what is going on? Ask if anyone has any information about a government program using young children. I am going to put this out on the news, but I cannot do that until I have the statements from the school, and the board,” Tony said.

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