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 CHAPTER 1         



I have heard it said that hindsight is always 20-20, however, I tend to disagree. I think it is far more important to look ahead than behind. Looking back over the last few months of my life, hindsight has nothing whatsoever to do with the outcome. I realize that although some others may have plans for my life, it will be determined by what I do, not by others.

We are given free choice to go left or right. If I keep my focus on the objective in my heart, all will be well. All will be accomplished. I believe it is the will of God the Father, is that not what I pray? Thy will be done? I pray that I keep this in mind, now more than ever, with this gift I am to receive, I could go many ways.

To say I am excited is misleading, I am ecstatic. However, I need to appear as if this is expected. Sure, I expected to be rich by the time I am twenty, sure. I caught the 7:10 a.m. train to New York that will put me in Grand Central at 9:20 a.m. plenty of time to be in the law office by 10:00 a.m. This is my third journey into the center of power in this nation. Most think that D.C. is the center of the world, but even my limited experience has shown me that the real power lies in New York City. Power is wielded by those who control the money and by those who create the rules, or laws, for others to follow. Money is created and controlled within this city. The rules or laws are also created by the powerful law firms in this city that work for those who create the money. Those laws are written here and enacted by their friends in D.C.

All political appointments that concern who governs this nation are decided here. Who will be the advisers to politicians holding seats of power are determined in this city. Every candidate for national office is decided here regardless of political party. Both political parties work for the same bosses, those who control the money supply. Washington, D.C. is as Kathy told me, just a large stage where the actors play their roles. If they perform properly they remain in the play, if not, a new actor replaces them. The cast may change but the playwright determines the outcome. These are the thoughts that occupied me during the short train ride into the city. I am no longer overwhelmed by the size and scope of the city, as I was on my first visit.

Once inside Grand Central Station, I enjoyed a morning coffee with a toasted bagel. My usual would be an English muffin. However, the bagels are fresh and irresistible. I asked the waitress at the counter if she knew where the address on this envelope was. She looked at me quizzically and replied, “You new to the city?”

“Sort of,” I told her. “This is my third trip here.”

“That building is only three blocks from here, are you walking?” she asked.

“Only three blocks? Sure,” I said. “I got twenty minutes to waste anyway.”

She is kind enough to direct me and I thanked her with a tip of a dollar, which elicited a smile. The building is an imposing structure not a new modern building like the ones that are being constructed all around, it eludes a quiet elegance. I am directed to the 17th floor. The elevator opened into an extravagant reception area with an efficient appearing receptionist seated behind the desk. This lady looks like she has the secrets to all, her nose is held quite high, if you understand my meaning. “Hello,” I said. “Richard Martinson to see Steve Volman.”

“Is he expecting you?” the lady asked.

“Yes, he is.”

“Richard Martinson to see you sir,” she called.

“Tell him I will be right out,” replied Volman.

“Take a seat Richard, Mr Volman will be with you,” she said. “May I get you some coffee or water.”

“Hello Richard, You are right on time, was your trip from New Haven pleasant?” a smiling Steve Volman asked. “Come on back, I notice you brought copies of the documents.” Steve’s office is not a partner corner office, but functional. “I am new with the firm, and I need to climb the ladder to receive one of those plush offices and private secretary,” said Steve as if to apologize for his modest space. “I understand you are at Yale Law, I am from Dartmouth. Your benefactors want you to have a secure future from what I see, did you read all these documents?”

“Yes,” I said. “The organization seems straightforward, I understand control is with three directors, of which I am one. Stan and Morris hold the other positions.”

“Basically, yes,” he said. “However, this is set up as a non-profit foundation and there are rigid rules that apply, legal and accounting.

“Additionally the purpose and objectives of the foundation must be maintained for it to continue. Pathway is entitled to accept donations and grants from others as long as the funds are used for the purpose declared in the bylaws and approved by the board. Pathway is a religious organization and may not engage in political activities. Pathway may contribute to any other non-profit organizations for any purpose contained in the bylaws and approved by the board. The board is to meet monthly on the first Monday of each month. This can be accomplished by telephone provided minutes are recorded and placed in the minutes book. You are responsible for day to day operations and record keeping. There are no restrictions placed on you, except any expenditure over five thousand dollars must have board approval. In the event any board member is no longer able to serve, due to health reasons or otherwise, a new board member will be appointed by you, with approval of the remaining board member. Any questions?”

“Steve this is clear, what is not is the funding, how is this to be funded?” I asked.

“Good question,” he said. “This is how it was funded.

“There has been an initial contribution in the sum of fifty thousand dollars. They set aside stock in two corporations, the stock is not owned by Pathway. However, all dividends from that stock are paid quarterly to Pathway. Pathway does not enjoy voting rights to the stock only the dividends are a donation to Pathway. The donors will retain full ownership of these stocks. Pathway, however in the event of the stock involved splits, the created stocks over the original amount accrue to Pathway. This sounds complex but is not. Here are the stocks involved, General Electric, Pathway is assigned one thousand shares of the common stock, which has a current value of seventy-five dollars per share. Next, IBM Corporation, also one thousand shares, the current value of this stock is five hundred seventy-eight dollars per share. Pathway will not be the beneficiary if the stock price increases. Pathway will only benefit from stock ownership if the stock is split, and the new shares do not diminish the value of the donors original, as of today. Our firm will monitor and determine who receives any new shares of stock so split. Each of those corporations pays a quarterly dividend. Pathway bank account has been established at Chase Manhattan, your check register is here, all that is needed is your signature. Your signature is the only one needed, neither of the other directors are signatories to the bank account. Once you have signed all the papers I will make copies for your records and send the signature card over to Chase. Well, Richard, you are now president of Pathway Foundation. You must have clear objectives in mind for them to place such a large trust in you.”

“Thank you, Steve,” I said. “I know where to go, it is how to get there I seek.”

“Richard,” he said. “Are you going to be in the city for the night? If so, I would like to introduce you to people who can perhaps help you.”

“No Steve, but thank you,” I said. “I am going to visit a friend in the city and return to New Haven. I missed so many classes Dean Rostow must think me a slacker.”

“Richard, with your friends, the dean will not complain in any way,” said Volman.” If I can help, here is my card.

“Thanks,” I said. “I never had a business card, now I will order some, Richard Martinson, president, Pathway Foundation, sounds rather nice.”

“Sounds great to me,” he said. “Do you have a briefcase to carry all these documents?”

“No, but now I have a check,” I replied. “I can purchase my own, is there a shop around that sells leather ones?”

“Richard,” he said. “This is New York City, walk around the corner, someone will pop out of the alley with whatever you want.”

“Heck, you can buy a gold Rolex for ten bucks, everything is for sale here. Let me get you something to carry those important papers in. Richard, please join me for lunch in the Partners dining room, meet the partners.”

“Thanks, Steve,” I said. “I am short on time.”

“Richard,” he said. “I was hoping you will give me an opportunity to enter. I don’t enjoy enough seniority to use it, but if I am with a client of the firm, I am allowed. This would provide me an opportunity to sit with the big boys.”

“Steve, for that reason how can I refuse, we will get a bite and show you off.”

Steve led me to the elevator and we ascended to the 20th floor, the entire floor is occupied by what appears to be the dining room of an expensive private club, which it is. The walls are paneled in a dark grained wood. Large wood covered pillars seem to hold up the ceiling, are also paneled, but in a lighter grain wood. Large crystal chandeliers are positioned every twenty feet, hanging over each section of four tables. The room is surrounded by large windows almost twenty feet high overlooking the entire city, out to the East River and beyond. Dark emerald green draperies hung from floor to ceiling. The floor is carpeted with a thick plush emerald green carpet to match the drapes. Each table is positioned over a gold emblem of the firm woven into the carpet. There are six chairs at each table covered with white cotton linens starched and pressed as new. The chairs are high-back covered with black leather. The center of this grand room holds a larger table with twelve chairs, this must be for senior partners.

When we entered, the Maitre D’ bowed slightly and led us to our table, not by the windows and not in the center, but just off to one side. I noticed all eyes were upon us as we walked to the table past all other tables. Here I am twenty years old wearing khakis, penny loafers, and my navy blazer following a junior associate not much older than me. Lucky I wore a tie today, most of the time I do not. I am laughing inside realizing every man in this room wonders who in the hell this kid is, and I doubt they knew Steve either. Anyway, mission accomplished, I must say everyone was most cordial, the service impressive, and the food excellent.

When lunch was over, several of the lawyers stopped by the table to say hello to the firm’s newest client. Steve is beaming as we went back to his office and picked up my pile of documents. He had a staff member bring in a courier pouch to put my papers in.

“Steve,” I said. “Thanks for lunch.”

“Richard, thank you,” said Volman. “That is the first time, since I was hired, I had the opportunity to dine there, you made my day.”

I was so preoccupied when I first arrived I failed to notice the city is ready for Christmas. The streets are decorated with lights and wreaths, the shops have their Christmas regalia on display. What a joyous season this is because of the reason we celebrate. Sometimes it is difficult to think, joy to the world, when you see surrounding misery. How little man has changed over time, two thousand years ago, Christ was confronted by the same system as today.

The rich powerful who controlled the money were in total charge of the people, and the people suffered because of that. It mattered not if Caesar ruled the land, the money changers were in control. Jesus Christ the day before he was brutally crucified, went into the temple and with force threw the money changers, the bankers of today, out of the temple. I am certain that act set his assassination in motion. He had upset the balance of power by showing the people who their real enemy is.

Walking to Grand Central Station, I saw my first Santa of the season ringing the bell over his Salvation Army kettle. I realize how much I had missed of school since August, and now winter break is almost here. Inside Grand Central, I found a shop that sold luggage. They had a nice looking leather briefcase, and I bought it on the spot, costing thirty-four twenty-five. It is for Pathway. Now all I need are some of those engraved business cards like John Ey’s, Richard Martinson, president, Pathway Foundation. For now back to Yale.

“Richard,” Professor Manning said. “How nice of you to join us once again.”

“Sorry Professor, my lawyers summoned me to New York to sign documents.”

“What?” he asked. “Have you already secured a position with a New York law firm?”

“No sir,” I said. “Other business that needed to be finished, you will have my complete attention from now on.”

“How are you doing on your assignment?” Manning asked.

“Sir, I began my paper on the IMF, but once starting the research, I came across the BIS, Bank for International Settlements, that subject is even more applicable to your assignment. However, it requires additional research, which I plan to do during break.” I said.

“Interesting subject,” said Manning. “I look forward to your paper, in the meantime, there are more papers for you to respond to. See me after class. I expect these all completed after break, have a joyous season.”

Finally, this week is over. Somehow school seems a trifle mundane after the events of this past month. I look forward to home.

“Mom, I am coming home for holiday break, leaving in the morning, see you Saturday evening, is Dad home?” I asked.

“Richard,” she said. “He is always traveling these days. I miss the time when he only had to worry about our church. He will be home tomorrow and I will have supper for both of you, drive safe.”

“Mom, if you speak to the Nelsons, tell Thomas I am on my way.”

“Yes, I will,” she replied. “I am having breakfast with Marion in the morning.”

The drive to Wake Forest will take about eleven hours, best pack the car, get gas and drive! On the road again, almost noon as I approached D.C. better gas up and eat breakfast here. A quick breakfast of pancakes, eggs, and fresh coffee prepared me for the next four hours, at least I am homeward bound. The sun is casting dark shadows over the road making me drowsy, only sixty-three miles to home. It was almost 7:00 p.m. as I pulled into our driveway, Mom seeing the headlights came out to meet me. It seems like a lifetime ago when I left home for Yale.

“Mom!” I said. “It’s good to be home.” She said not a word, just embraced me so hard my back cracked. “Mom I have almost a month home, how I missed you.”

“Come in Richard,” she said. “It is cold out here, your father is home. He is excited to see you, he hurt his back that is why he did not come out, hurry now, get your things later.”

“Hi Dad, Mom says you hurt yourself, how are you?” I asked.

“Just sore son,” he said. “Tried to carry some things I should not, be fine in a day or two, come here let me look at you. Richard, you left as a young man, now you walk and speak like a man, a man with confidence.”

“Dad,” I said. The experiences I had since leaving home would make anyone older, but things or people do not intimidate me anymore.I believe God has empowered me to be able to handle any situation I am presented. Whatever I have done or do in the future is to bring glory to our Lord, Jesus Christ. Thankfully I will be home for my twenty-first birthday, December 9th I have a special surprise for you.” I said.

“You men come to supper before it is cold,” Marion called.

“My gosh Mom, this is a feast.” I said.

“My prodigal son has returned so the feast is set.” she said. There is a large pot of steaming shrimp. It must be over a hundred good-sized shrimps. She has a bowl full of brown rice and another of green salad. A feast for the mind and soul. “Father,” I said. “Please say prayers.”

“Dear Lord of all, we are here to offer our thanks for all you provide. May each of us here work for you and your glory, Amen.”

“Mom these shrimp are perfect,” I said. “Where did you get them?”

“Richard,” she said. “A member of the church, his brother runs a shrimp boat out of Fayetteville, they brought us twenty-two pounds yesterday. Walter, you know the Sikes family, these are from Larry’s brother.”

“Yes, Marion,” Father said. “They have been members for fifteen years, we will thank them at church in the morning.”

“Mom, Dad,” I said. “Thank you for this wonderful meal, I was starved, now I am stuffed and ready for bed.”

The sun shining through the curtains is what woke me from a comforting sleep. The aroma of Mom’s coffee propelled me downstairs. I do not know the time, but now with extra money I will purchase a watch.

“Good morning Richard, did you sleep well?” Mom asked.

“The best in months,” I said. “Are we going to early service?”

“Yes,” she said. “Your father was asked to conduct service at 8:00 a.m. Did you shower?”

“Yes,” I said. “I can be ready in five minutes.”

“We are having the Nelsons over for lunch,” Mom said. “So I did not make breakfast, just some biscuits and honey with your coffee. That should hold you after that plate of shrimps you consumed last night.”

Church service was kind of nostalgic as I had not heard Dad preach at service since high school. Only when service was over did I see Thomas and his parents in the back of the church by the door, to avoid the rush of members who want to shake hands with Dad. Thomas is my best friend, and he helps me on projects. His father Matt, along with his associates, Monk, and Tank run a security business that have been very helpful to say the least, in fact if it were not for them I would not be here today. I intend to have Thomas part of this new company. I snuck out the side door, and came up behind Thomas in his wheelchair then spun him around. “What the?” Thomas yelled out. “Richard, darn you scared the crap out of me. Great to see you man, we are coming to your house, did you get here last night?”

“Yes,” I said. “It was late, and I needed sleep. That was a long boring drive by myself. I have some fantastic news for you and Matt. Have you spoken to Tank or Monk?”

“I haven’t,” he replied. “Dad probably has, here he comes now.”

“Richard, glad you are home, how’s things at Yale?” Matt Nelson asked.

“Interesting,” I said. “Been a little quiet for the last week or so, kind of unusual.”

“Richard,” Matt said. “You make me laugh. I believe you enjoy the action, you should be going to military school, like West Point, not law school.”

“No thanks Matt,” I said. “I saw enough of that kind of action. I want more subdued entertainment, thank you. See you at the house, Mom is waving to me to come.”

“Richard, will you bring in some wood for the fireplace and make a nice fire?” Mother asked. The Nelsons drove up as I had the fire lit. “Come on in here Thomas and Matt,” Mom came out and took Dorothy’s hand and said. “Let the men talk in private, Richard is anxious to tell them something.”

“Dad,” I said. “Please come on in here, I want to talk to you all.

“Let’s pull up chairs around the fireplace. Dad, some of what will be said is confidential, and must not be discussed outside this room. However, you need to know as it involves you. You know that Matt and his associates have formed a security agency, they also conduct intelligence for clients. Without their help I would not be here today.”

“Son, what are you talking about?” Father asked.

“Dad,” I said. “Please just hear me out, questions later.”

“I was in New York, on Monday, meeting with the law firm of Sherman & Sterling, they are a major firm in the city. Their firm prepared the documents for a new foundation to be named Pathway. This new foundation is organized as a religious non-profit dedicated to protecting the Christian Church in America and keeping this nation as One Nation Under God, as our founding fathers directed. I am named president of this foundation and one of three directors.”

“Richard,” he said. “What are you talking about? How could you at twenty years old, and still in college, be named president of anything?”

“Dad, twenty-one in two weeks, God moves in ways we do not comprehend,” I said. “We do not understand his purpose, but must follow his path. He led me here and I will follow, I trust you will understand.”

“Richard,” he said. “There is so much that has occurred in these past months I do not understand, but those are choices you alone can make, I will support anything you do.”

“Thanks dad. Now, this foundation is funded with fifty thousand dollars, plus the quarterly dividends from one thousand shares of General Electric stock and a thousand shares of IBM.”

“The dividends will provide adequate income to accomplish the objectives of the foundation without interference. I am the sole signature on the bank account and need only the other director’s approval for an expenditure over five thousand dollars. My first expenditure was to purchase a briefcase in New York, the second will be to retain the services of Matt’s agency. I will need a great deal of intelligence to accomplish what needs to be done. Matt, will a retainer of one thousand dollars per month be adequate?” I asked.

“Richard, you amaze me,” said Matt. “But one thing I learned is to trust you, sure it would be great. I will have to talk to my associates to confirm.”

“Super! Matt,” I said. “If you can prepare a contract, I will be happy to sign it. I need to have complete records to remain a tax-exempt foundation.”

“Richard,” Father asked. “Where did the money come from?”

“Sorry Dad,” I said. “Some things must remain confidential even from you. Matt, have you found anything about the action going on in Southeast Asia?”

“Richard,” he replied. “We will talk about that later, I will set up a get-together with the team before Christmas where we can go over the details.”

“Matt,” I said. “One more thing I request is Thomas be given a job in your group.

“If you need more money we can work it out. He has been doing my research and intel. work. He is superb, I could not have done most of what I did without his help. Oh dad, I would like it if you can look over the work Thomas has been doing regarding college. I copied him with all the books and tests I took at Duke. He is an ace, his results exceeded my own, would you consider putting in a recommendation for him at Duke? I am sure Thomas would pass any exam they asked.”

“Richard and Thomas, I will be more than pleased to recommend this fine young man,” said Walter. “He deserves a break, give me a week on this.”

“Thank you Dad,” I said. “This is very important.”

“Hey Richard!” Thomas punched me to exclaim. “It’s important for me.”

“Enough talk men,” said Dorothy. “I have great shrimp for you all to munch on while we fix a proper lunch.

“I should make you sit at the table but you seem so comfortable here I will just bring plates. Here men, dig in but don’t put the peelings on the floor they go in this bowl, use napkins, and keep your pants clean.”

“Richard,” Dad said. “With all your extra activities, how are you doing at school?”

“Well, Dad,” I replied “They gave me a lot of work to complete over break, but since they received the letter from President Kennedy thanking them for training such a fine lawyer, I don’t think I will have any problems with the dean.”

“President John F. Kennedy sent a letter to Yale about you?” Dad asked.

“Yes he did,” I said. “Sent it to Dean Rostow who was floored, I could tell by the look he gave me that my time at Yale would be a breeze, or they would like me to leave early, whatever, it’s great.”

“Matt, can I show you something? It is upstairs in my room, Dad, Thomas excuse us for a minute. Matt, the first thing I would like for your team to check out is this, it is my understanding President Kennedy will be appointing a man named McGeorge Bundy to be his National Security Adviser. This man will not be a friend to Kennedy. Who is behind this appointment? Is this something your group can handle?”

“Holy shit man,” Matt said. “Do you know what you are asking?” “This man will have the entire security apparatus of the United States under his authority. He can, in that position, direct our foreign policy if he or someone behind him so directs. He will be able to support or subvert the President of the United States. My lord, Richard what are you involved with?”

“Nothing Matt, just curious,” I said. “I was told of this pending appointment, I don’t think Kennedy is aware of it yet. Someone told me a time ago, look at the adviser to determine who directs or truly holds power. If there is anything to this, I would like to alert Kennedy, I believe he is a capable man who can be a great president if they allow him to be.”

“Who are they, Richard?” Matt asked.

“Matt,” I replied “That is what I need you to find out, you are the experts.”

“Richard,” he said. “I will talk to the Colonel about this. This can be a dicey matter, folks can get hurt asking questions at that level.”

“I have seen some of that Matt,” I said. “But your men can determine what is safe or not. I don’t want you to stick your necks out, just ask questions, discreetly.”

“Richard, I will get back to you,” he said. “Don’t mention this conversation to anyone, even Thomas, is that clear?”

“Sure, I understand Matt and I appreciate it. The rest we can discuss in front of the others, I have another small project for your team, Thomas should be able to handle this one.”

“Lunch is ready you all,” Mom said. “Please wash up and come to the table. Richard, or should I say Mr. President, will you lead us in prayer?”

“Richard will be fine,” I smiled. “Thank you Mom.”

Our dear Heavenly Father thank you for this blessed family and all the many gifts you bestowed upon us. Guide each of us in all we do, may it only be your will, not our own. Amen.

“Thomas,” I said. “I have a project that I need your help with, I discussed some of it with Matt, and I think you are the best man to do this.”

“Well,” Thomas said. “Don’t you think I need to know what it is?”

“Truly that might help,” I said. “The Bank of International Settlements, or BIS, what is its purpose? Who funds it? Who owns it?”

“Richard,” Dad said politely. “You began by getting involved in Virginia, then in national affairs in D.C. now International affairs. Where is this going?”

“Dad,” I said. “You raised me to be curious, ask questions, read, study, and broaden my mind.”

“That is what I am doing. Trying to find out how this world operates, and who is in charge. He who has the gold, makes the rules. I read that the BIS controls or at least keeps the records for all banks gold transactions. They seem to be at the center, and that is what interests me. The church and the family of Christ need to be informed, not misinformed as to the world around them. We need more informed christian leaders in the cities, counties, states, and national politics. We have allowed through our silence and even laziness, for the wrong sort to be our leaders. For as God hath said, Thou shalt in any wise set him king over thee, whom the LORD thy God shall choose: one from among thy brethren shalt thou set king over thee: thou mayest not set a stranger over thee, which is not thy brother. I remember that verse as Dueteronomy, 17:15 or close. The keywords are brethren or brother, one from the same family, the family of Christ, and mayest not, which means, we cannot. How many of our leaders are Christians? Dad, you know this best. What percentage of the U.S. population claim to be christian?”

“Richard,” said Father. “About seventy-eight percent claim to be christian.”

“Dad,” I said. “If this percentage are christians, how is it the family of Christ does not demand our leaders belong to our family? God told us we must not set leaders over us who are not brethren.”

“Richard,” Father said. “We have a public policy of separation of church and state. We may not demand christians lead us.”

“Who made that policy?” I asked.

“It is written in our Constitution, the law of the land.”

“Dad, are you certain?” I said. “I read the constitution with care and found no such.”

“No, I don’t think I read it,” he said. “However, this is what I was taught.”

“That is the problem,” I said. “If you tell people something, then they are taught it in school, without someone to speak the truth, people accept it as true.

“You can make people believe anything, the secret of advertising, just repeat it over and over. It soon becomes accepted truth. If Pathway Foundation can accomplish one thing, it will be to convince the church to speak to the truth, be the voice that counters the propaganda. I am impressed by the leaders of the colored churches. They are not afraid to speak out against injustice. They do not accept this garbage of separation, which is to silence them, yet will take a stand even if it means imprisonment. Isn’t that what St. Paul and other Apostles did? They spoke out even if it meant death. The silent ones are our white Protestant Churches.”

“Richard, perhaps you should transfer to divinity school,” Matt offered.

“No Matt,” I said. “If I were to become a Pastor I could accomplish nothing I feel is needed.

“Let’s say, I became a Methodist minister like my father, would the Baptists listen to me? No, there is too much competition between denominations, it is best if I remain a neutral voice, even then it will be difficult as I need to overcome habit, church doctrines, and fear. How many pastors tell their congregation they must be involved, take action or accept responsibility for the wrongs in society. Pastors tell me they are afraid to speak out against segregation or they will lose their position. Will our christian schools teach students to be fearless, become involved in their community, or stand against injustice? Family, forgive me for ranting on and on, things trouble me, and somehow I feel it is my duty.”

“Richard,” Father said. “You make me ashamed I have not spoken out against many things to the conference.” “I say this not only as your father, but a minister of God who should say what you did so well. One day I would like you to address the general conference, not just as my son, but the leader of Pathway Foundation. I assume Pathway conveys the narrow road our Lord spoke of?”

“Yes, it is Dad,” I said. “And it would be an honor to speak to the conference, anytime.”

“You all ready for dessert,” Mother asked? “Dorothy made us a fabulous pecan pie, if you want to try before I eat it all.”

“No, no, no we all want pie,” Matt yelled out. “Please, a cup of coffee would be good with that.”

“Mom and Dorothy, thank you for such a great meal,” I said. “Dad, Matt, and Thomas for the next few days I will be in hiding.

“My professor gave me a huge stack of work, and I want to clean it up before Thanksgiving. If you need me for anything I will be in my room, love to all.” I said.

“Thanks all,” Dorothy said. “We have to be going now.”

“Dorothy, said Matt. “If you want to stay for a while with Marion it is okay, Thomas and I need to talk anyway.”

“Yes, dear,” she said. “I will come home in a while, I will walk so don’t fret.”

“No honey,” said Matt. “You take the car home, Thomas and I will walk, I need the exercise. Race you home Thomas.”

“Real funny dad,” said Thomas. “But it is downhill I might just beat you.”


CHAPTER 2     



“Thomas,” Matt asked. “Did Tank install a secure phone line here yet?”

“Not yet,” he said. “Richard said he was going to, but I have not heard from him.”

“Okay,” said Matt. “I am going to run down to the store and make a phone call from there.”

We have no way to determine if our line is secure. Based upon some of the things that transpired it is best to be cautious. If Mom comes home, tell her I will be right back.

“Sure dad,” said Thomas. “See ya.”

The phone booth was at White Spot Market, just a block away, and after sixty-five cents in coins Tank answered.

“Hi Tank, how goes it?” said Matt. “Sorry to bother you on Sunday, but I need you to install two phones here, one at my house and the other at Richards.”

“Oh by the way, we have a new client. Got the first month’s retainer, and it will be for a grand a month, not bad to start, and every bit helps. This client I have a feeling is going to grow into something large.”

“Who is the client?” Tank asked.

“Pathway Foundation,” said Matt.

“Never heard of them,” Tank said. “Where are they out of?”

“New York is the head office.”

“How did you get this client?”

“Richard brought them to us,” said Matt.

“Richard,” Tank said. “This guy seems to get mixed up in a lot of shit, is this for real?”

“Yes,” Matt replied. “Perhaps too real, for us. I need to get the crew together and discuss it ASAP.”

“Have you talked to the Colonel yet?” Tank asked.

“Not yet,” said Matt. “That is why I need the phone. This is taking all my coins. When can you come?”

“I will be there on Tuesday,” he said. “Stay well, see ya.”

Tank arrived at 2:45 p.m. Tuesday, November 22nd without his sidekick Nails. I was glad to see.

“Hey man getting a little larger I see,” Matt said jokingly.

“Why not Matt,” said Tank. “No action for two weeks makes you lazy, where do you want this phone? You know we have to limit these otherwise Ma Bell is going to find the switches. If they do, some shit will come down.”

“These last two phones should make everything secure for us,” said Matt. “I do appreciate what you do, maybe you can show me how?”

“Matt,” Tank said. “You don’t have the contact inside Bell, and without the inside this will not work, let me handle communications. You take care of the muscle.”

“No problem Tank,” said Matt. “Just wanted to help.”

“How about you help me by showing me where you want this phone.”

“Come on in,” said Matt. “Dorothy, you remember Tank, he is here for a visit, maybe you can fix us a snack?”

“Sure, hi Tank it is nice to see you,” said Dorothy. “Everything alright?”

“Dorothy everything is great,” said Tank. “Matt here just missed me.”

“Tank,” said Matt. “Thomas is out with Richard now. We are going to put it in his room, and he is going to help our team with some research project that Richard asked us to do.”

“Man,” said Tank. “I’ve dealt with his last research project, it cost me fifty-five dollars just to clean it up.”

“No problem Tank,” said Matt. “We are going to his house next and he will pay those expenses,” Matt said.

“Where is he getting all this bread?” he asked.

“That info I will disclose when we all meet,” said Matt. “I’d like to set that up for right after Thanksgiving.”

“Matt,” said Tank. “Let’s test the phone, use your other phone to call this number.

“Matt, the phone works fine now. Write the number here so both you and Thomas will remember it. Tell Thomas to only use this for priority business, and don’t give the number out.”

“Let’s go take care of Richard,” said Matt. They walked over two blocks to Richard’s house.

“Hi Marion, is Richard there?” asked Matt.

“No Matt,” she said. “He and Thomas went for a walk about thirty minutes ago.”

“Marion,” Matt said. “This is Tank, one of our team. He is here to put a secure phone in for Richard. Is it okay to go to his room?”

“Hello Tank, it is my pleasure,” she replied. “Please come upstairs, I will show you his room, it’s messy but he does not want me cleaning up in there.”

“Tank,” said Matt. “Put the phone here by his desk.”

“No problem,” he replied. “But, I am going to have to run a line in from the box outside, he has no terminal here.”

“Need my help?” asked Matt.

“No,” said Tank. “I can handle it, why don’t you go home and see our lunch is made. I need food man.”

“Marion,” said Matt. “Tank is going to be for a while. I am going to the house and get our lunch, if Richard comes back let him know Tank is here, they are old friends.”

As Matt was walking back to his house he saw Richard and Thomas walking toward the house so he waited until they came up to him.

“Hey Richard,” said Matt. “Tank is in your room installing a secure line for you. Thomas you have a new secure phone in your room now, keep it private. Thomas, Richard, you come back with me, lunch will be ready in a few.”

“Okay dad,” said Thomas. “And thanks for the phone.”

“Oh Richard,” Matt asked. “Please make a check for fifty-five dollars. Tank spent his own money cleaning up some mess in New Haven, just make it to cash, and give it to him, is that okay?”

“Will do,” I said. “How about the phones cost?”

“Richard,” said Matt. “I will let you know about that later.”

Matt phoned the Colonel on Saturday the 25th, early at 6:30 a.m. hoping to catch him sleeping or whatever. He assumed that Vanessa was still there, “Yes,” was his abrupt answer.

“Hi Colonel, Matt here, hope I did not wake you.” he said.

“Matt,” said Colonel. “Of course not, been up for two hours now, I am just doing some writing.”

“You sure sound sleepy for being up so long,” he said.

“Matt cut the shit, what’s up?” Colonel asked.

“Need to get the team together and discuss a new project for a new client,” said Matt.

“Is this a paying client?” Colonel asked. “Or another freebie.”

“The last one was not free,” said Matt. “You got well paid didn’t you?”

“Matt, I said cut the shit, yes I am not complaining, what is this?”

“Richard has some backers, and they formed a new non-profit foundation, Pathway Foundation, offices out of New York,” Matt replied. “He gave us a thousand dollar per month retainer and needs a contract. These non-profits require documentation of every dollar they spend.”

“Yes I know that Matt,” said Colonel. “What is the project?”

“Extremely sensitive Colonel,” said Matt. “It is best we discuss that in person only, which is why we all need to meet.”

“When and where?” he asked.

“ASAP Colonel,” said Matt. “Your call on that. Tank is at my house now. Monk and Kong are in Virginia,”

“Matt,” he said. “Let’s meet at the boat again. That is secure and central to all of us. I will contact Monk and Kong, since Tank is there now, how about we set it for next Tuesday?”

“Colonel,” said Matt. “That will work for me, what time?”

“Vanessa and I are going to be in New York to do some Christmas shopping,” Colonel said. “We are going to stay in Virginia Beach, so it is about a two hour flight to New Bern, let’s plan at 11:00 a.m. Okay?”

“That is fine Colonel,” he said. “I will bring lunch.”

“Bring more of the pork you made last time, I took a small piece home and Vanessa almost tore my hand off for it.”

“I will try,” said Matt. “But that shit takes about twelve hours to prepare.”

“What the heck Matt,” said Colonel. “You not doing anything else are you?”

“You told me to cut the shit,” said Matt. “You also, Richard will be there with Tank and me. You and Vanessa, I assume you are bringing her, Monk and Kong, that is seven.”

“Matt the boat won’t sink,” said Colonel. “Just bring enough food, you know the men they eat like pigs.”

“Colonel,” said Matt. “I have two new phone numbers for you, this is at my house and this is at Richard’s.

“Tank is there to put these secure lines in, believe me with this assignment, we are going to need them. See you on Tuesday. One more thing Colonel, Tank asked if we could all be issued beepers, with this new account we have extra funds. I am bringing a check for one thousand dollars on Tuesday.”

“Matt,” he said. “That sounds like a good idea, have Tank take care of it.”

“Tank,” Matt called him. “I talked to the Colonel, we will meet up next Tuesday in New Bern. Can you meet here and drive down with me? Better yet, can you stay here Thanksgiving and then go?”

“Thanks Matt,” said Tank. “But I have to get home now. I can come back Monday and give you a hand though.”

“Sounds good,” said Matt. “Colonel said it is okay to go ahead and purchase six pagers, one for each of us.

“I will deposit Richard’s check into my account then write you one for the pagers, the balance turns over to the Colonel on Tuesday. That way we can give them out at the meeting, he also insisted I make one of those smoked pigs. Oh yeah, it was Monk that was here for that. Monday we can smoke it and have ready for Tuesday, the Colonel is bringing Vanessa with him.”

“Is she still with him up there?” he asked.

“Tank,” said Matt. “I doubt if he will let her leave even if she wanted to, I think he is hooked, they are going Christmas shopping in New York this weekend.”

“Good for him,” Tank replied. “From what I hear she is a looker.”

“A looker and a half,” said Matt. “Man, she is damn gorgeous. Thanks for the phones, here take this check, you know what to get better than I do, see you Monday, have a good trip.”

“Richard,” Matt called. “Hi, Matt here, the meeting with the Colonel and the crew is set for next Tuesday. We need to leave about 9:30 a.m. I am making another pig, maybe you can help on Monday?”

“Love to Matt,” I said. “I will come over about 2:00 p.m. if that is good. What are you all doing for Thanksgiving?”

“Have to talk to Dorothy about that and let you know,” said Matt. “Thanks for asking, later.”

“Dorothy,” asked Matt. “What are we doing for Thanksgiving? Richard asked me and I told him I would talk to you.”

“Honey,” she said. “You have been too busy lately, we are having friends up from Columbus, I told you weeks ago. Besides, Marion told me that the pastor has invited some out of town conference members to dine with them.”

“Dad,” Thomas asked. “Is it possible for you to drive me to Chapel Hill today?”

“Why,” he said. “ What you need over there?”

“This project on the BIS that Richard gave me,” said Thomas. “I called the University of North Carolina’s school library, and they have a comprehensive report I can read or copy. It should only take me less than an hour once there, and it is only about thirty-eight miles from here. If you can’t today, tomorrow is okay.”

“Why not Thomas,” he said. “We should be back by noon or so, let me tell Dorothy. You have all you need?”

“Sure Dad,” said Thomas. “I am ready to fly.”

“Thomas,” said Matt. “Tell me about these tests you have been taking, the ones Richard gave to you.”

“Dad,” he said. “All the time Richard was at Duke he copied all his work. I was able to take all exams just as if I was there, not officially of course, but I learned the same as he did.”

“What subjects was Richard taking?”

“He was first interested in English, and psychology,” said Thomas. “But then became drawn to the sciences, heavy emphasis on applied mathematics.”

“What interests you the most, son?”

“Psychology,” replied Thomas. “It seems the most important.”

“How is that?” asked Matt.

“Populations are manipulated by the information they receive, whether in school, home, churches, or the various media,” said Thomas. “I want to learn how they are able to control people’s thoughts and beliefs.

It is only if we know what techniques they use to manipulate thinking that we can, as you Intel. people say, determine counter measures. For example, you were recruited into the Airborne, you served your time, and then they brought you back to fight in Korea. Did you at the time believe that the war was noble and was to save America from the evil of Communists?”

“Yes,” said Matt. “That is what we were told.”

“Did you believe it?”

“At first I did,” said Matt. “It was later, when maybe I became wiser, that I understood that war is never for a noble purpose. War is for either conquest of territory, the nation’s resources, or profit from the war itself.”

“Dad,” said Thomas. “That is my point, someone has to sell, convince people to willingly send their sons to die for a perceived noble purpose, the people would rebel if they were told the truth.

“We need your boys to fight for our drugs, or for oil, or for copper, you know what I mean. That is why in history, wars were fought by mercenaries, they were paid, most were foreigners, who could not care about the purpose of the war, only it was for their profit, they were allowed to pillage and keep whatever spoils of war, they could. I want to be the counter voice of the truth, letting people know inside their minds, the true purpose their sons are being asked to die for.”

“Thomas you make me very proud,” said Matt. “The path you seek is dangerous, and these people do not want the truth told.”

“Yes,” replied Thomas. “I realize that Richard and I believe that only the Church can be the center of truth, as it was meant to be. Remember the words of our Lord, Jesus Christ, And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.

That, son, is how it should be,” said Matt. “But what you will find is that getting the churches to preach the duties and responsibility of christians will be difficult.

“Most churches only desire to build or keep congregations, they will be afraid to ask men to actually do something, it is much easier to pacify them and say, God loves you as you are. Church leaders are now more politicians than preachers.”

“Dad,” said Thomas. “Nothing is easy, but you have to try, or accept whatever is put in front of you. I don’t choose to do that, am I wrong?”

“No, Thomas,” said Matt. “What you speak is the truth. I admire your purpose and I will always support you. Here, we are at the University, Thomas, did you know that the University of North Carolina, here at Chapel Hill was the first public university in this Nation?

“No I didn’t dad,” said Thomas. “When was it founded?”

“It was founded in 1789 by William R. Davis,” said Matt. “Born of Scottish parents, who moved to the Carolinas when he was eight years old.

“William Davis was a Cavalry Officer under George Washington. He served on the University’s Board of Trustees from 1789 to 1807. Very interesting man, I have a book on him at the house, I will give you. Where is the Wilson library?”

“Not sure Dad,” replied Thomas. “But we can ask anyone walking around, they will know. There, a groundskeeper, he will know. Hello, can you direct me to Wilson Library?”

“Sure,” he said. “Just go down Raleigh Street, you can’t miss it.”

“There Dad,” said Thomas. “The Wilson, it is the central library on campus, they have several others.”

When they entered the library everyone was looking them over, a young man in a wheelchair with a man that looked like a huge bodyguard. They went over to the counter, “Hi, I am Thomas Nelson, I called about a report on the BIS, and was told it was available.”

“Do you have a student ID,” the lady asked.

“No,” Thomas replied.

“Sir,” she said. “Only students or faculty can check out books or paper.”

“Yes,” said Thomas. “But they said I could copy it for a research project.”

“That is correct,” she said. “There is a copying machine located at the side by the F stacks. Here is the location of that report, make your copies and return the report to this desk.”

“Dad, look,” said Thomas. “This report is twenty-eight pages, I am certain this will cover most of what Richard needs. They have one of those new Xerox machines here, do you know how to do this Dad?”

“Yes,” he said. “Let me have it, we can remove the staples and put the entire report in this feeder. Thomas why not make two copies and give one to Richard, you keep one for your files.”

“Good idea,” said Thomas. This machine was fast, in less than two minutes they had fifty-six pages copied. Once finished they headed back to the front desk. “Thank you miss,” said Thomas. “Here is your report. I need to staple it.”

“That’s fine we will do it,” she said. “The copies will cost you seven ninety.”

“Thanks Dad,”said Thomas. “You know I don’t have money yet, but soon I will, let’s go home.”

“Thomas,” said Matt. “You have been silent for an hour now, that report must be interesting.”

“Dad,” said Thomas. “It is more than interesting, it is intriguing.

“This BIS, Bank of International Settlements, is not a bank in the normal sense, they do not accept deposits, but they are the administrator of all central banks gold accounts. It seems that Nazi Germany, when it conquered a nation, took over the central bank of that nation and transferred all the gold bullion into their own central bank, the Reichsbank. This was all done through the BIS with the rest of Europe approving this theft of billions of dollars in gold bullion. It appears that even during the war the allies continued to support the BIS and approved of these transactions, very strange on goings. No wonder Richard was intrigued. Looks to me like everyone just wanted a piece of the pie no matter whose pie it was. Richard always told me that nothing is as it seems, this certainly confirms that. I can’t wait to go over this with him. Dad, please drop me off at Richards house. I will come home when we have digested this report.”

“Sure, son,” said Matt. “We are here now, let me help you out. Richard must have seen us. He is coming outside now.”

“Hey Matt, hey Thomas,” I said. “Your mom said you were on your way. I was just going to your house.”

“Richard,” said Thomas. “We went to Chapel Hill to get a report on the BIS, here is your copy. I want to go over it with you.”

“Matt,” I said. “Let’s go to your house. It is easier for Thomas to navigate there. Thomas, this is a gold mine of information, excuse the pun.

“The point that jumps out at me is the original charter members of the bank, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, two banking syndicates representing both Japan, and the United States. That syndicate was headed by J.P. Morgan and First National Bank of New York, along with a hundred and five of their banking allies. The United States as a nation was not a member, yet the power lay with the U.S. banks. The president of this new bank was an American, from 1930 until 1946. Here is an important fact, the bank charter states that the bank, its property and assets, and all depositors and other funds entrusted to it, shall be immune in time of peace and in time of war from any measure such as appropriation. Clearly those involved in writing the charter were planning for a new world war. These American banks insured that the interests of the Rockefeller and Rothschild families would profit from any possible outcome. Those interests held power over the U.S. Military and the U.S. State Dept. Thomas, thank you once again, you have been a great help. Now I will be able to complete the report I need for Yale.”

Tuesday morning, November 28, 1960, at 8:00 a.m. Matt started to pack the car for the drive and meeting in New Bern. Tank had left for his morning run about forty-five minutes ago. He let Thomas sleep as Matt knew he wanted to be a part of this meeting, but it was best he stayed behind. Matt put half of the smoked pig in an ice chest along with four loaves of fresh French bread, and the sauce for the pig. The boat was equipped with everything else needed. Soon as he finished, Tank came running up the driveway and said, “Let me help.”

“No need, Tank,” said Matt. “ The car is loaded, let’s get some coffee, pick up Richard and split.”

Dorothy had coffee and some biscuits ready for them, which Tank devoured in five minutes. “Thanks honey,” said Matt. “We will be back about 5:00 p.m.” He gave her a big hug and kiss. I was waiting for them at the curb, Matt pulled up and I jumped into the rear seat.

“Good morning,” I said. “Are you all ready for some adventure?”

“Richard!” Tank laughed. “Every day with you is an adventure, my dog keeps asking me how are you.”

“Hey Richard,” said Matt. “You are going to see an old friend today.”

“Who is it?” I asked.

“It is a very beautiful young lady,” said Matt.

“Oh man,” I said. “Is Vanessa coming?”

“Yes she will be there,” said Matt. “She has been staying with the Colonel since the incident in D.C.”

“Lucky guy this Colonel,” I said. “I took Kathy, the mom, home with me and he got the babe.”

“You are too young for that much woman Richard,” said Tank.

“Yeah,” I said. “Well I will be twenty-one in two weeks, that is old enough is it not?”

“Just a joke Richard,” Tank said. “No offense meant.”

It was 10:35 a.m. when we pulled into the marina and saw the Missy Lou tied up down by the bridge. Matt knew where the key was, and we loaded our gear aboard as Matt started her big diesel engine. “Tank next to the reefer in those cupboards, bring out the plates, glasses and silver,” said Matt. “Richard, please help set the table for seven, Colonel is bringing Monk, Kong, and Vanessa, so we will need seven set ups, they will be hungry.”

“Colonel,” Vanessa asked. “Is that the boat where that blue car is parked?”

“Yes dear,” he replied. “I see the men are there already, Matt always wants to be the lead.”

“Hey all, glad you could make it!” Matt yelled out as they exited the car. “How was your flight?”

“Matt, you don’t want to know,” said Kong. “Never again will I get in a plane the Colonel is flying. The winds were forty-five miles an hour, direct crosswind, and downdraft over one thousand feet per minute. I thought I would barf, but I could not as I was too busy praying.”

“Come on Kong,” Colonel said. “You have had it worse, at least you were not getting shot at.”

“Forget that,” Matt said. “Just come aboard and let’s have some chow.”

I came out, and when Vanessa saw me she ran, jumped aboard, grabbed me around the neck, and kissed me square on the lips. I was certainly not pushing her off, and hugged her as hard as I could. Matt watched the Colonel and he was not smiling. “You seem a little tense Colonel,” said Matt.

“Screw you Matt,” he said. “I had a difficult flight, come on Vanessa let’s eat.” \

Finally she pulled herself away from my arms, and came to the table beaming. “My I am hungry and this looks delicious,” she said. “Pass me some of that smoked pork, Matt is this the same as you sent home with the Colonel?” Monk was smiling that impish smile as he watched me go to the head to cool off.

“Richard,” Vanessa asked. “Don’t you have any wine on this ship?”

“No,” Matt said. “But we have some soda, would you like some?”

“Yes, I would like a glass,” she said. “Anyone else?

“To Richard, may all good things come to you. We would not be here together were it not for you, thank you Richard.” That half a pig we brought was nothing but bones in about thirty minutes, and the fresh bread was gone before that.

“Vanessa, honey,” Colonel said. “Please clear up these dishes while we talk business.”

“Sure baby, be happy to.”

“Now men,” said Colonel. “Let’s talk. Richard, tell us about this Pathway Foundation, who is it, and what is its mission?”

“Well,” I said. “I and two other men are the directors.

“I am the sole officer, and have one vote on the board. The foundation is perpetual, and funded by the initial capitalization of fifty thousand dollars. It receives the dividends of the one thousand  shares assigned from both IBM Corporation and General Electric. The foundation can solicit donations and make contributions to anyone. I direct as long as the contribution made is under five thousand dollars, I need no approval. The only mandate is that the foundation not engage directly in political activities, as it is founded for religious purposes.”

“I understand,” Colonel said. “Richard, tell me what religious purpose do you ask our help in?”

“Colonel,” I said. “I believe the freedom of our nation, and its people, is a religious matter.

“I believe there exists, in America today, people who want the church silent. Who in fact want the Christian Church abolished. Our nation was founded upon faith in God, to advance the christian faith, the first governing document made when the settlers first came to our shores is called the Mayflower Compact, which states,

IN THE NAME OF GOD, AMEN. We, whose names are underwritten, the Loyal Subjects of our dread Sovereign Lord King James, by the Grace of God, of Great Britain, France, and Ireland, King, Defender of the Faith, &c. Having undertaken for the Glory of God, and Advancement of the Christian Faith, and the Honour of our King and Country, a Voyage to plant the first Colony in the northern Parts of Virginia; Do by these Presents, solemnly and mutually, in the Presence of God and one another, covenant and combine ourselves together into a civil Body Politick, for our better Ordering and Preservation, and Furtherance of the Ends aforesaid: And by Virtue hereof do enact, constitute, and frame, such just and equal Laws, Ordinances, Acts, Constitutions, and Officers, from time to time, as shall be thought most meet and convenient for the general Good of the Colony; unto which we promise all due Submission and Obedience. IN WITNESS whereof we have hereunto subscribed our names at Cape-Cod the eleventh of November, in the Reign of our Sovereign Lord King James, of England, France, and Ireland, the eighteenth, and of Scotland the fifty-fourth, Anno Domini; 1620.

“This document,” I said. “And our Constitution are extremely clear that this was to be, One Nation Under God. That, Colonel, is the purpose of the Pathway Foundation. To redirect this nation back to our founding principles.”

“Richard,” Colonel said. “You want to bite a big apple. Now let’s get specific, Matt, here did not ask for a meeting of the entire team to hear you preach, what is this about?”

“Colonel,” I said. “I was able to help Senator Kennedy with his campaign.

“I persuaded some of the highest ranking colored leaders, including Martin Luther King Jr. to support him. They all did and Kennedy believes this swung the election for him. Here is a copy of the letter he gave to me, via his brother, Robert Kennedy. Some of the people who enabled me to attend Yale, and helped fund this Foundation, did not want Kennedy elected. Nixon was, and is, there man. I was ordered not to do anything to assist his campaign. I may be young, but I do not care to have anyone tell me what I must do. That is what God gave us, free will. After the election was over, I was told that even though I had helped Kennedy, it put me in a position they could use because I was granted access. I was also told that they had appointed their man to be Kennedy’s National Security Adviser, one McGeorge Bundy. I am very naive in politics, but is it not the prerogative of the new President of the United States to appoint his own team? The impression I got was that if Kennedy does not go along with the status quo, he will not be in the job for long. I also know that Johnson, who he was forced to take as Vice President, hates him and he is not someone I would want to mess with. Here is what I asked of your team, I want to know, who are they? Who is the one that can appoint their man without the approval of the president? That kind of power is far beyond our Constitution, and it is what Jefferson warned us about. I believe those same people are the ones that will force this nation to another war in Southeast Asia. Who and why, is what I seek. Colonel, is this within the scope of your team? And do you want to take this on?”

“Shit, Richard,” said Colonel. “If these people can appoint the National Security Director, that means they have existing control over the CIA and most likely the FBI. You trying to get us all killed?”

“No sir,” I said. “Just trying to find answers is all. I certainly do not want any of you in harm’s way, sorry.”

“I am also sorry,” said Colonel. “It is a very interesting proposition. Matt said you had paid him a retainer of one thousand dollars. That correct?”

“Yes sir,” I said. “If you require more, it is okay with me.”

“Matt said you required a contract,” said Colonel. “I understand the need for one. However, that puts you and us at risk.”

“How so sir,” I asked.

“People are going to be looking at everything you do,” he said. “Every check you write, every dollar you spend. Your bank account is with, I suppose, one of their banks?”

“Yes sir,” I said. “It is with Chase.”

“Chase,” Colonel said. “That is the Rockefeller’s for shit sake, they are at the top of the heap in control.

“If our agency shows up on just one check, we’re all screwed. We will be investigated and put on a watch list, nobody will talk to us. Doors will close and they will know you are an enemy. I don’t believe you really know why you were given this foundation to run, it could be just a test to see how you operate, and perhaps someone has plans for you in the future. I would be very careful if I were you. You said there were three directors, and two were needed to approve transactions over five grand correct?”

“Yes sir,” I replied. “That is how it is set up. If one of the directors is unable to serve the board, I alone can appoint the new director. Then I will have total control.”

“That is for the future,” Colonel said. “Today they still have control. What about your salary?”

“No restrictions,” I said. “As long as I don’t spend over five thousand dollars.”

“Where is your office?” Colonel asked.

“Don’t have one yet,” I said. “It is not necessary at this time.”

“How do you like Alexandria, Virginia?” Colonel asked.

“I like it,” I said. “I have a friend there.”

“Well then,” Colonel said. “We solved the problem. Yes Richard, we will work with you.”

“I have a friend who owns a commercial property in Alexandria. You will rent an office space from him. Your rent will be seventeen hundred per month, it’s a very nice office. Of that seventeen hundred, twelve will be paid to our agency for security. Will that work for you?”

“Heck yes!” I said. “When can I move in?”

“Matt,” Colonel said. “Do you still have Richard’s check for a grand?”

“Yes I do Colonel,” said Matt. “However I gave my check to Tank for beepers.”

“How much were the beepers?” Colonel asked. Tank opened his bag and brought out six pagers. “One for each of us,” said Tank. “I paid four hundred twenty-five for these.” Colonel pulled out a stack of bills and counted out four hundred twenty-five dollars. Matt tore up my old check. “Richard,” Colonel said. “Make a new check for seventeen hundred dollars, payable to Advanced Properties.

“I will have a lease sent to you in New Haven. Richard, why don’t you and Vanessa take a walk around the marina so we can talk in private. Our deal is done and you have this team, whatever you need let Matt know. He will be the one to communicate with you.”

“Vanessa,” I said. “Did you bring a coat? It’s cold out now.”

“Yes,” she said. “I have a sweater in the car, let me get it.” Vanessa and I left the boat. We went to retrieve her jacket from the car. Vanessa coming close to me whispered, “I knew you were special when you handled Kathy in the way you did, and also the way you directed me, but now I see more in you than I could have imagined.”

“You know, I am with the Colonel now, and I really care for him. If I was not with him I could only wish to be with you. I liked you from the moment we met on that elevator and I know you liked me. You could not stop staring at me since you kissed me for the first time. I hope the Colonel did not notice, here, take my hand and let’s just walk around and dream a little.”

“Well men,” Colonel asked “What do you think? Is this something I should have agreed to do?”

Kong spoke up, “Colonel, I see this matter in three parts.

“Who controls the security agencies? Who appoints the cabinet officers and advisers? Who is pushing the war in Southeast Asia and why? How are these parts connected?”

“Kong that is very astute,” Colonel said. I could not have stated it any better.

So let’s break this into teams, Kong and Monk you handle the first. Matt and Tank handle the second, and I will handle the third. I think this uses our best assets. I am very leery about communications when we are involved in matters of this nature. Let’s meet once per month, on the 10th in Virginia, I will let you know where it will be convenient for all. Each team keeps your own notes, if there is something that cannot wait only then call me. We must not have regular phone calls. I know Tank has put in secured phones, but even those rely on his contact inside Bell, and that can be compromised. Each team will be paid on the 10th, four hundred dollars plus expenses. I know it’s not much, but I have a feeling it will grow like a good tree does. I don’t have to tell you men, this must be done on the QT. We cannot expose ourselves or Richard. Okay, men, let’s tidy up this boat and get to work.”

“Colonel we will see you on the 10th of December,” said Matt. “Or do you want to hold over until January as it is now the end of the month?”

“Good question Matt,” said Colonel. “Let’s meet next on January 10th, that gives us more time to get some initial work done, with the holidays coming a lot of our contacts will be away.”

“Come on Tank,” said Matt. “Let’s find Richard and head home.”

“Matt,” said Tank. “I see Richard and Vanessa up towards the boat slips, and from their look we better hurry, Vanessa seems to be in a lip lock.”

“Hey kids, time to go,” said Matt. “Say your goodbyes, the Colonel is waiting for you Vanessa.”

“Richard what the hell was that?” Matt said. “You know that Vanessa is with the Colonel don’t you?”

“Yes Matt,” I said. “She was just thanking me, that’s all.”

“She must have been very grateful from what I saw,” said Matt. “Richard, we now have the teams set up that will investigate your concerns. Not only about Kennedy, but the war issue too. Don’t let a woman get in the way or this whole shit will fall apart, understand?”

“Matt,” I said. “It was nothing, sure I like her, but not the way you think. Just, she is kind of special to me, you know my life has changed since I met her, she feels the same is all.”

“Okay, let’s get home,” said Matt. “Tank and I will be heading the issue of the security agencies and who behind the scenes is in control. The teams will meet on January 10th to confer on our findings. You will receive the initial report after that.”


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