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It is my desire to give you the best reading and listening experience in the world. We at the studio are busy producing all my books into an audio format. This new format will give you a new audio more engaging experience. I trust you will enjoy listening as much as I do in creating it for you. Every character in a book will play speak their part. Soon every book will be available in 3 formats, Print, Kindle, and Audio. Thank you and your comments are appreciated. Max Wells


NOW IT IS HERE: My New Book. DOORS, A Short Story That can change your live for the better.

Sweet Mystery Of Life 

Life is not what you think or have been taught.
Life, Real, Happy, Loving Life is Simple, if
you know the rules

Rules. What Rules? Whose Rules?

Dear People. All Creation has Rules. Rules embedded in our DNA.
Humans, the highest of Creation Were also given Life rules. But those
Rules have been hidden, covered up, so you have to listen to them.

Is that working for you? Are you happy? Do you have deep love in
your life? Do you desire peace and prosperity? YOU CAN HAVE ALL

All will be revealed to you. All life is Simple if. READ.

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Erica is the first part of a 3 part incredible story, that takes us from the depths of the sea to the stars above. A world people never knew existed. The Planet Sephius is located in the Mintaka star region where the Sabaean people came from. The world’s richest man needed Erica and her bloodline to regain the throne of Egypt long held by his family tree which included Cleopatra, who at one time ruled the world.

This book opens the doors to the Stars from where her ancestors came. The Sabaean people originated on the Planet Sephius in the Mintaka Star region. How  they came is the question?

My quest began after Erica left me to marry Soleman, reportedly the richest man in this world. Erica possessed the key to a door, a door he must never be allowed to open. The future of this world depends on that.
Erica is a pure-blooded Sabaean whose ancestors were called the Star People, they were reputed to have migrated to Earth from Mars when the Planet Venus wandered into Mars’ atmosphere causing havoc and destruction. It was how those Sabaean people migrated to Earth that caused Soleman to need Erica, and why she needed or thought she needed him.
Sephius is the home Planet of the Sabaean people. It is located in the Mintaka Region some 1249 Light Years from Earth. The Sabaeans migrated to planet Earth before recorded history, in fact they created History. They were the builders of the great pyramids of Egypt and were the first Kings, ruling most of the world.
Evil was sent by Satan to Earth to prevent the Sabaeans and their Light from total control of earth. Great wars ensued and their King Malik Zr decreed they return to Sephius and take all their technology with them.

The few people I have allowed to read the pre-published manuscript in unison commented; Max is this for real? Yes, Henry uncovered those writings made by the child, Ariel, who walked with Jesus Christ during his years in Galilee. Ariel wrote on skins in the manner of the scribes. Max, this can change the world. Will the Church allow this to be told? They have tried to prevent this from being published, but we did. Faces In My Mind. I believe this work is one of the most important books ever written. Faces delves deep into the subject of ‘Child Trafficking’ a subject that the media avoids at all costs. How can they avoid a story when over 480,000 children go MISSING each year. Where do they go? They are not missing, most have been taken. Why is this subject taboo? CONTROL, the word all human activity is centered around. How can we control empires? How can we control populations? Sure, we own the media, we control the flow of money, we control education, and we control most religions, but that is not enough. We must control people without their knowing they are under our control. We must control what they think and how they act. We are the masters, they are the slaves. We cannot allow them to know that fact. Make them believe in our democracy or whatever buzz word turns them on.
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The period from 1960 to 1980 changed the world as we know it. Money lost 90 percent of it’s value. Gold was confiscated. Inflation (planned) at over 500 %. The price of a 3 bedroom house went from $4000. to almost $1 million. Wars begun over control of trade, drugs and oil. Millions of good men and women died as a consequence. Yesterday & Today, we learn how Richard was able to forge the forces to check the all-powerful true rulers of America and the world. He reveals those dark forces hidden behind the curtain. We The People have been led to believe that politicians can solve all the problems of mankind. It is only necessary to “Elect” the right person. You have all been deceived. Tomorrow is here to show you the way to the light. The way to restore your liberty and regain your wealth. Yes, your wealth. Each of you can live as kings, trillions have been stolen and can be repaid with interest. It is up to YOU.Tomorrow provides the only BLUEPRINT on how to accomplish this great task. I can only pray that enough good people will say; It is time.
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David was shown the future up to 2032. What David was shown will be, unless we act soon. What would you do if you saw death and destruction on a scale never before imagined? This Nation, America is doomed.
Those who have read VISION OF DAVID understand, or were warned, that Satan and his family will begin the destruction of America in 2025 continuing through 2032.
Metamorphisos COMING SOON
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