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Audio Books

We have begun to produce my books in an Audio Format. The format is new. These books will not be narrated, they will be performed.

Every charactor will speak their part, like going to a play. you will experience the performance and understand, what the purpose of the book  is. I write to reveal in story form, things not known by the public at large.


This book is coming in Audio. A entire new format. Full casr dRAMA


It was after a visit to CIA headquarters in Langley, where they have a  huge placard in the lobby reading, “HE WHO CONTROLS THE MIND  OF MAN–CONTROLS THE WORLD”

These people do not play games. I understood this was their intent, to control all human activity. This led me to dig deep into how they could accomplish this..CONTROL is the product of my findings. Today, I am releasing the first Chapter of this new Audio Format and you can listen free. If you like it please share. If you subscribe, new Chapters will be sent to you. All the best..Max Wells


Control , Introduction

Control , Chapter 1

Control , Chapter 2


Faces In My Mind 

Faces In My Mind. I believe this work is one of the most important books ever written. Faces delves deep into the subject of ‘Child Trafficking’ a subject that the media avoids at all costs. How can they avoid a story when over 480,000 children go MISSING each year. Where do they go? They are not missing, most have been taken. Why is this subject taboo? Once this story is told, people will see that it goes deep, much deeper than Governments, it goes to who controls governments and how.

Our story begins with the kidnapping of an 8-year-old boy named Robert Miner. His kidnapping set off an action that leads us around the world to locate and destroy those who operate the Child Trafficking network


Faces In My Mind , Introduction

Faces In My Mind , Chapter 1

Faces In My Mind , Chapter 2



The period from 1960 to 1980 changed the world as we know it. Money lost 90 percent of it’s value. Gold was confiscated. Inflation (planned) at over 500 %. The price of a 3 bedroom house went from $4000. to almost $1 million. Wars begun over control of trade, drugs and oil. Millions of good men and women died as a consequence. Bankers and Corporations took over control of the US and the world One young man at the age of twenty was sent of to Yale Law with the goal to restore America to We The People. This man, Richard Martinson in his first few weeks at Yale was responsible for JFK winning the Presidency. His abilities have and will affect all our lives today and it the future. The murder of his friend JFK set in motion the plan to retake the US back from those demonic forces that took over our nation. With the team Richard is gathering and the vast resources they will acquire , they will prevail.


Exempt , Introduction

Exempt , Chapter 1 

Exempt , Chapter 2


Book Cover for Yesterday & Today By Max Wells
Yesterday & Today By Max Wells.

CONTROL, the word all human activity is centered around. How can we control empires? How can we control populations? Sure, we own the media, we control the flow of money, we control education, and we control most religions, but that is not enough. We must control people without their knowing they are under our control. We must control what they think and how they act. We are the masters, they are the slaves. We cannot allow them to know that fact. Make them believe in our democracy or whatever buzz word turns them on.

This has been their agenda since the beginning. Now they are almost there. Their new system will give them total control over all humanity. Except one man has a different viewpoint, and he is willing to fight for Freedom, are you?

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Tomorrow Part 3 Of Exemot series

Tomorrow Part 3 of Exempt Trilogy , By Max Wells


The word EXEMPT holds the power to change America, to help us restore the Freedoms, the basic rights God granted to all mankind. What God grants, Satan, and his family are there to take away. If you are not a person of faith, you can at least agree, there exists both good and evil. For as the basic laws of physics dictate, you cannot have one without the other.There is always an equal and opposite for all. Words are weapons in the hands of those learned people who craft the words to control mankind. Words become rules or laws and the masses comply with those words as other words have taught them to do.Why do all men, or better to say people, need to follow some leader? Why do they cheer and follow the words of those who will set them in chains? Why do they not follow their inner voice, called conscience or some say the holy spirit? I have no answer for that, I do have the answer, the means to overcome all the lies, the deceit that has been implanted in our minds since we were small children. This deceit began long ago, when the rulers, the ultra wealthy took over the world. You will need to read EXEMPT, A Trilogy, part one of this series for that answer. This part three, Tomorrow is here to show you the way to the light. The way to restore your liberty and regain your wealth. Yes, your wealth. Each of you can live as kings, trillions have been stolen and can be repaid with interest. It is up to YOU.Tomorrow provides the only BLUEPRINT on how to accomplish this great task. I can only pray that enough good people will say; It is time.

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Ariel Max wells

Ariel , The Child Who Walked with Christ. By Max Wells

The few people I have allowed to read the pre-publication manuscript in unison commented; Max is this for real? Yes, Henry uncovered those writings made by the child, Ariel, who walked with Jesus Christ during his years in Galilee. Ariel wrote on skins in the manner of the scribes. Max, this can change the world. Will the Church allow this to be told? They have tried to prevent this from being published, but we did.

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Ariel Chapter 1


Ariel Chapter 2