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Be careful, people are controlled by words.

First of all, let me emphasize that this nation, The United States of America was formed and established not as a democracy, but a Constitutional Republic. What is the difference? Drastic.

Drastic enough to cause a war that is ongoing to this day from the very beginning. In the beginning were two powerful groups that fought for control over our new nation. One the Federalists led by Alexander Hamilton, and the Democratic Republicans, led by Thomas Jefferson.

The difference is the Federalists favored weaker state governments, a strong centralized government, the indirect election of government officials, longer term limits for officeholders. They desired total control to be in the central government. Jefferson knew the risks that would be for the people and desired the States to be in charge. Why did the Federalists favor a strong Central Government? Control. The Federalist were controlled by the large bankers, both foreign and domestic. It is much simpler to control a club of one rather than a club of many. Think about DC today, and the 50 States THEY control Their “civil war” ended once and for all, States Rights.

By “Our Democracy’” they mean their democracy, their control. In their democracy they hold absolute power if they can somehow show 50.1% of the people voted them in. It is not that difficult to do as recent elections have shown. But this rigging of election results has been the norm since the beginning. Communications now have shown a light that has never been seen by you. The Federalist of yesterday are the Democrats of today. They were against the people then and are now. Control. Control over all humanity. Control over media. Control over Education. Control over military. Control over Religion. Control over the very life of our children.

I, for one will never accept to be a sheep led by these dogs. I pray you will wake up to their game. Yes, to them it is a game. A game to be won at any cost. Not theirs, but yours.


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