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The Secret Power Of 12

The Secret Power Of 12

12 the secret power of 12

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12 signs of the zodiac
12 months of the year
12 disciples of Christ
12 tribes of Israel
12 days of |Christmas
12 notes of music
12 hours in a day
12 inches to a foot
12 gates to the body
12 angels named
12 pairs of ribs in humans

There are many more, too many to state, but you get the point.
Coincidence? No. Creation is math. Math has no coincidences.
Twelve is The Creators code.

Christ through his 12 disciples changed the world and changed time.

You through the power of 12 can accomplish more than you can dream of. If, you have the faith to do so.

How can you do that? I ask how and why did Christ recruit the 12 to be his disciples?

There were 12 tribes of Israel. Christ chose 12 to represent the new Israel, replacing the bad with the good. You cannot build anew without discarding the old.

Today, America and its people are in the same position as the Israelites of old. They were ruled by corrupt people. The church had replaced the authority of God, The Supreme, with rules, laws made by them to rule, control the people. The Supreme, The Creator we call God, made only 10 laws, (commandments) to govern mankind. The Supreme’s 10 commandments are the laws of the Universe, not only Earth.

In our corrupt time, even the display of those 10 commandments is a crime. These corrupt people have written millions of their laws to replace the laws of The Supreme, they today are your God or think they are. They are far from being a god, they are under the authority of the demon, the devil, called Satan to deceive you. To make you bow down to them, to worship them, to fear them. Why? Because they fear you who are of the family of The Supreme.

Their fear is that if all the family of The Supreme unite as a family, they will be exposed and sent away. Unity, your unity is their major fear. For this reason they must divide you. Divide you by race, divide you by religion, by language, by skin color, by education, even by political party. This gender rubbish is simply another mean of division. It is all a mechanism of control. One of the oldest principles of war, ‘Divide and Conquer’.

So far they have won, but only the skirmish, the battle of good vs evil is neigh. This battle to come is not a physical battle, no weapons are needed or desired by either side. This battle is spiritual. The side with the stronger will prevails. They own and control all communication to prevent unification, but if you do not listen, they have no power. No response is the best response. Ignore the ignorant, yes they are ignorant fools who think they can replace The Supreme.

Where do you begin? At the beginning as all things must. The beginning of the unifying of the family of The Supreme. This is to include all those who love The Supreme, The Creator, regardless of what name they refer to. Excluding only those who have willingly accepted the evil spirit of Satan to possess them.

How do you begin? Do as Christ did, use the power of 12, the beginning is the end. Put in motion like the avalanche, once rolling it cannot be stopped. Each of you who are called. Yes, you will be called, not by man, but by The Supreme who knows your faith and your character.Those of you who read these words and believe will be called to open your door and your heart to eleven of those you trust to join with you. To spread these words and this purpose.

What is the purpose? Unity. Nothing else is needed. Just like your family, all members need to be return to the table as one of many. When you have a unit of 12, let each of the 12 form another unit of 12. To understand the power of 12 let me show you what 12 to the 12th power is.12 to the power of 12 = 1212 = 8,916,100,448,256. That number is more than the entire human population of this Earth. This is only to demonstrate the power you have. Use it for good, the good of all the family of The Supreme.

Once started, the multiplications begin,the magnitude of this force is unstoppable. This is not only for the United States, it is for the world. All people that are under the thumbs of the evil need to be free. What will free the people? Truth. Truth they have mostly never heard in their life.People that hear the Truth and savor it will aquire faith. Those two simple words Truth+Faith,will change the world for good.

The time is now. This could not have been accomplished except in this time. Communications did not exist as they do today. It all begins with you. At some point as the mass increases, a leader will come forth. That leader will come only from the unified peoples. Look in your heart, see if you have the faith to begin. The beginning is the end. You are needed.

Imagine this world, a world without wars. A world without hunger. A world in harmony with one another. A world without lies, and the lying demonic people who spout those lies to deceive you. Heaven on Earth as it was meant to be and will become.

Amen. Let it be.

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