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Books by Max Wells

Books by Max Wells

 Max Wells 

Bringing Truth To A Dark World


Who am I?

That is a question I have asked myself for many years and still have no answer. Each day is a new experience, some good, some not so good, but each a lesson that needs to be learned. Writing novels in my opinion must be based upon REAL life experiences, otherwise, they cannot be felt to capture the emotions shared with you. Perhaps that is why Hemingway was so great, he lived as he wrote.

I write fiction, but that fiction has a foundation in truth. For example, my novel Exempt is historical political fiction based upon my friendship with the young man who was responsible for JFK winning the Presidency. The truth was then exposed in a way never before or since revealed.

The genre I most love is  a blending of truths, many never before exposed, with their story, the people who lived it, adding things, and people who make it real This allows you to not only read, but live it with them.

I love to write about all interesting people, regardless of status, gender, or faith. If there is a real story, a fascinating story that begs to be told, I wish to tell it.  I hope you will enjoy reading, and living it as  much as I do writing it.

Books By Max Wells

Today, I have released my new novel, Sephius.

Sephius will change the history of this Earth from the beginning.


The Birth Of Evil

Book 3 of the Erica Series

Sephius is the home Planet of the Sabaean people. It is located in the Mintaka Region some 1249 Light Years from Earth. The Sabaeans migrated to planet Earth before recorded history, in fact they created History. They were the builders of the great pyramids of Egypt and were the first Kings, ruling most of the world.

Evil was sent by Satan to Earth to prevent the Sabaeans and their Light from total control of earth. Great wars ensued and their King Malik Zr decreed they return to Sephius and take all their technology with them.

Where did Evil come from?



Rising From The Sea

Book 2 of The Erica Series

 Can the past become the present? Can the present become the future? Yes, if we are aligned.

My quest began after Erica left me to marry Soleman, reportedly the richest man in this world.

It was not his wealth or power that concerned me, it was what he sought. The door to the heavens. Erica possessed the key to that door, a door he must never be allowed to open. The future of this world depends on that. When I read and reread the letter Erica sent me from Crete, for the first time I understood Erica, and her purpose, it was all in the manuscript.

Erica is a pure-blooded Sabaean whose ancestors were called the Star People, they were reputed to have migrated to Earth from Mars when the Planet Venus wandered into Mars’ atmosphere causing havoc and destruction. It was how those Sabaean people migrated to Earth that caused Soleman to need Erica, and why she needed or thought she needed him.

In my mind or soul I came to the realization that I am the only one who can prevent Soleman from gaining this power, a power so vast as to be beyond human understanding.

After these things I looked, and behold, a door standing open in heaven. And the first voice which I heard was like a trumpet speaking with me, saying, “Come up here, and I will show you things which must take place after this.”

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Faces In My Mind

Child Trafficking Exposed

Faces In My Mind. I believe this work is one of the most important books ever written. Faces delves deep into the subject of ‘Child Trafficking’ a subject that the media avoids at all costs. How can they avoid a story when over 480,000 children go MISSING each year. Where do they go? They are not missing, most have been taken. Why is this subject taboo? Once this story is told, people will see that it goes deep, much deeper than Governments, it goes to who controls governments and how. Discover who in the world has the power to control Governments, Military, Media, and Law Enforcement. The World is not what it seems.

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Control The Mind-Control The World


There are two Worlds you never see or even know exist.

There is a world beneath your feet, 240 feet below

There is another world above your head, far above your head

People that have read this new book, tell me this is the book that woke up their minds. For the first time in their life, they can see the truth. They also can see lies. Every system you have been taught is false. Every one. This is your chance to unlock your potential. It is far beyond your dreams. 

Control, is the word that all human activity is centered around. How can we control empires? How can we control populations? Sure, we own the media, we control the flow of money, we control education, and we control most religions, but that is not enough. We must control people without their knowing they are under our control. We must control what they think and how they act. We are the masters, they are the slaves. We cannot allow them to know that fact. Make them believe in our democracy or whatever buzzword turns them on.

This has been their agenda since the beginning. Now they are almost there. Their new system will give them total control over all humanity. Except one man has a different viewpoint, and he is willing to fight for Freedom, are you?



EXEMPT, A Trilogy




This Explosive Historical Saga reveals America is not ruled out of Washington DC, that is only the playhouse, the stage the actors perform on. If the rulers enjoy their performance they are allowed to continue. If not, they are sent packing, some forever.

Richard Martinson was sent off to Yale Law in the fall of 1960, at the age of 20 with only 2 years of undergrad schooling at Duke. He was being trained to serve the real rulers of America, however, he had other goals that conflicted with those of the kings. It was because of his actions that JFK became President. They detested JFK and Richard for helping him. Now he was also a target.

In Exempt you will discover who those rulers are and how they rule. Nothing is as it seems. Exempt is a word that can change history when you learn how. This is part one of a three-part trilogy. Part 2 is, Yesterday & Today, part 3 is, Tomorrow. True history is not what you learned in school.






TRUTH! When it comes to history, truth is as evasive as a moth. In Yesterday & Today, we learn how Richard was able to forge the forces to check the all-powerful true rulers of America and the world. He reveals those dark forces hidden behind the curtain. We The People have been led to believe that politicians can solve all the problems of mankind. It is only necessary to “Elect” the right person. You have all been deceived.





 Tomorrow, part 3 of the gripping Exemp trilogy reveals the Plan completed by the team which includes Ex-Military Officers, Intel, and those who will do the dirty works needed to overcome the power of the true rulers of America, and the world. This book will challenge all you were taught. Mary Pinochet Meyer holds the keys to the kingdom, all the dirty secrets of the CIA, which she was a part of.  She was also the lover of JFK, which was the problem that led to both of their death.







A near-death experience can be a trying time. David was shown the future up to 2025.  

What would you do if you saw death and destruction on a scale never before imagined? Millions of Americans were eliminated, huge swathes of America burnt out. David was shown the future and he was also shown how to prevent it from becoming a reality.

The prevention requires vast sums of money, along with a large team of honorable, courageous men and women willing to put their lives and fortunes at risk. Would you do that?  Very, very soon, you will have to decide, which side are you on
What David was shown will be, unless we act soon. This is not only a book, it is a prophecy. Time is short.






Those who have read VISION OF DAVID understand, or were warned, that Satan and his family will begin the destruction of America in 2025 continuing through 2032. They will accomplish their goal to eliminate 290 million of our people, those not of his family, unless.
The teams have assembled a force to prevent Satan, The Devil, and his family from, even beginning. How can humans stop spiritual powers?
With faith and the Full Armor of God.

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A Flower From A Tree


Erica is the first part of an incredible story, that takes us from the depths of the sea to the stars above. A world people never knew existed. The Planet Sephius is located in the Mintaka star region where the Sabaean people came from.  Let Erica tell her story.

Her story leads us through the world of rock and roll in Los Angeles. to the Grammy’s in New York City with her fiance Brad, on to Boston, then Vienna, on to Paris, then to Crete. The world’s richest man needed her and her bloodline to regain the throne of Egypt long held by his family tree which included Cleopatra who at one time ruled the world. This book opens the doors to the Stars from where her ancestors came. The Sabaean people originated on the Planet Sephius in the Mintaka Star region.  How they came to Earth and how they returned is the secret Erica holds.




The Child Who Walked With Christ


A friend asked me; Max is this story for real?  More real than anything.

Description? How Can one describe God’s Mind or Purpose? What God wants to be revealed will be.

Henry Bordon was led to discover the writings, the words, Jesus Christ spoke to the child Ariel. Ariel, the son of Andrew, brother of Phillip one of the 12 disciples, at the age of 10 years was permitted to walk with Christ and record for us his words as he walked.

The Church and Mossad attempted to prevent this book from being published. The words of Christ refute much of what the world has been told. Did not Christ say; “You have all been deceived”. Now! You can learn the Truth. The truth shall set you free.

This compleling, almost msytical story begins in Charleston, South Carolina, then proceeds to Lisbon, on to Gibralter, then to Almeria in Spain, next to Cagliari, moving to Palermo, Reggio Di Clabria in Italy, to the fabulous Isle of Crete, on to Cypress, then to our destination where we were led to find the writings of Ariel, in Haifa, Israel. What happened in Haifa, Israel will change the world.






Can be purchased as a 3 Book Set including; Exempt, a Trilogy, Yesterday & Today, and Tomorrow.
This super value set is ONLY $44.95.  A $15,00 saving on the greatest historical sage ever written.




Can be purchased as a 3 Book Set including; ERICA,  RISING FROM THE SEA , & SEPHIUS.
This super value set is ONLY $44.95.  A $15,00 saving on the greatest historical sage ever written.










Part FOUR of the Powerfullerful ERICA Series