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”Ariel, The Child Who Walked With Christ

”Ariel, The Child Who Walked With Christ

The Searcher.


  • The few people I have allowed to read the pre-published manuscript in unison commented; Max is this for real?  Yes, Henry uncovered those writings made by the child, Ariel, who walked with Jesus Christ during his years in Galilee. Ariel wrote on skins in the manner of the scribes. Max, this can change the world. Will the Church allow this to be told?  They have tried to prevent this from being published, but we did.

It was I believe in late March or early April when I first met Henry and Fiona. My yacht, ‘The Searcher’, a 20-meter schooner was docked at the marina in one of my favorite cities in the world, Cagliari on the island of Sardinia. Hard to keep track of dates and times when you’re cruising the Mediterranean Sea, time does not seem that important. On a dreamy afternoon that day, I watched as a vessel, ‘The Fiona’ docked in a slip next to mine. Sweet-looking boat, a large trawler, looks about 55 to 60 ft. She was a bright lemon yellow with navy blue trim lines and flying a Portuguese flag which explained the colors of the boat. The Portuguese are very colorful people.

This story begins with Henry Bordon’s destiny being determined at the early age of 7 years. His mother was the Librarian for the City of Freeport in New York, it was there he read his first books on archaeology devouring the pictures of the digs around the Middle East, those images were burned into his soul. His family moved to Charleston, South Carolina where his dream to discover some long-hidden treasures from the time of Christ continued to haunt him.

During his University years, Henry took a part-time position at a local gallery called ‘Relics’, who specialized in artifacts unearthed from around the world, his dream was close by he felt it calling to him. Buried deep in piles of old artifacts stuffed on shelves in the warehouse of this gallery, Henry found a bag of fragments, the bag also contained a hand-drawn map of The Sea of Galilee showing where the fragments were discovered. One of the larger pieces had a mark etched into the clay, Henry took the pieces to Mr. Samuel, the owner, asking what are these? Just old pieces, not important. Have you dated them? Yes, they are around 2000 years old. May I try to reassemble them? No, Henry, please leave them be. Henry was not deterred, he copied the mark on the fragment, then went to the library at his University trying to find the meaning of this symbol, he felt it was important almost as if it were alive speaking to him.

It was a chance meeting in Reggio Calabria he met Dr. Singer, a director of the world-renown Museo Nazionale della Magna Grecia, who led him to the meaning of the Mark. What Henry did not know was that Dr. Singer also notified the Mossad in Israel that Henry was on to an important find, and he should be watched. Henry and Fiona found what was meant by God for them to find,” the writings.” They were taken into custody by the IDF in Haifa, Israel. They escaped the grasp of Mossad in Israel, but the reach of this worldwide intelligence network is boundless. They risk their lives and liberty to bring to the world, the writings of Ariel, The Child Who Walked With Christ. Yes, these writings were viewed and held by Jesus during his ministry, nothing in this world is of such importance. Important to those who wished to suppress the messages and important to the Church to reveal this historic find. The chase led to Athens, Lisbon, and Moscow. This book will bring those words to all who seek.

Max Wells


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